Twoth dental practice & beauty clinic

Our proposal for Twoth focuses on create an elegant yet different brand-new concept for a dental and beauty clinic in the heart of Soho London. The dental and beaty clinic ideal customer are stylish but different, eclectic and multicultural people that enjoy being diverse and won’t follow the standard beauty.

Our goal was to create a design that attracts the busy and varied people walking thru the Soho streets while creating a balanced and relaxing space where the clients enjoy their dentist time.

Project Features



Soho, London

Twoth unit consists of 4 story Victorian building; our intervention focuses on the first floor, second floor and third floor of the centric building connected by a private staircase. Soho is one of London’s most vibrant and busy neighbourhoods. The unit chosen was a former dental clinic with a total of 145 sqm of interior space.

The design proposal is based on the client branding guidelines and target customer, creating a bespoke solution for the medical practice operations while tackling the aesthetics; the outcome, a sleek and modern space that sets this practice apart from all others in the city.

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