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Twoth dental practice & beauty clinic

An elegant and stylish interior design concept for a dental and beauty clinic in the heart of Soho, one of London’s most vibrant neighborhoods.

Strategically positioned near Wardour Street with immediate access to Soho’s main artery and Soho Square Garden, our interior concept for Twoth looks to speak to the clinic’s unique clientele: stylish, eclectic, and multicultural. The interior design and color pallets are specially chosen to create a calming oasis that offsets the vibrancy of Soho, creating a modern space.

The design creates a balanced and relaxing space that soothes and deals with any potential anxiety the clients can have regarding dental treatment.

Project Features



Twoth Dental and beauty clinic conceptual design

The concept also takes into account the exterior of the building, bringing to life the character and history of Victorian design. By creating an engaging and memorable public space, the clinic’s unique design becomes its own marketing tool. Twoth is positioned to attract a young, vibrant clientele that values quality service and aesthetics. The design is all-encompassing, focusing on creating a complete design experience that is emblematic of the brand.

From the moment clients walk in the door, they are immersed in the unique matcha green, one of the trendiest colors of the year! and copper world of Twoth. Dental and beauty clinics have seen a surge in popularity over the past few years, as people become more interested in taking care of their appearance and health, and with this in mind, we designed Twoth to be a one-stop-shop for all dental and beauty needs. The design for Twoth dental and beauty clinic in London was created with the customer in mind. The interior concept is fresh, calming, and stylish – perfect for the unique clientele of Soho.

Twoth Dental and beauty clinic design intervention

The initial building consists of four stories, with the intervention focusing on the first, second, and third floors. Totaling 145 square meters, the interior design takes inspiration from traditional London Victorian principles, from the general approach, all the way to the materials. While the design is thoroughly contemporary, inspiration from traditional architecture and interior design specific to Soho was brought in, in the form of traditional design elements. This results in a concept that while firmly anchored in contemporaneity, is highly respectful of the past, celebrating it in a way that feels relevant for the present. The use of natural materials and muted color pallets give the space a warm, inviting feeling, while the liberal use of gold provides a touch of luxury. Twoth is designed to appeal to people who want the best of both worlds: a modern, stylish interior combined with quality dental and beauty services. The applied materiality, dominated by green notes, copper, and wooden textures, creates a contemporary interpretation of classic Victorian interiors. 

The reception is designed to be fully green, featuring a play of green shades. Paint is applied differently to create contrast, with light shades at the base of the wall and darker shades above. This works to ground the design. Following this, dental surgery rooms are also fully green, with the beauty treatments room being designed in cream colors, to create a calm and comfortable atmosphere. The goal was the creation of an interior concept that is stylish, elegant, and respectful of Soho’s unique history and character. The clinic will be the perfect place for people who want to take care of their appearance and dental health in a stylish and relaxing environment.

Stylistic approach

The design concept creates a bespoke solution for the medical practice, all the while being focused on the target audience and the brand guidelines. The merger of medical practicality and aesthetic focus is at the heart of the approach. A functional space should also create a pleasing environment, especially for a medical clinic. The palette of materials is made up of green shades and natural woods, as well as attractive and harmonic touches with the outcome being a sleek and modern space that helps the client create a unique position for the practice in the city of London.

The design concept for Twoth is designed in close relationship with the image the clinic wants to portray to its customers, combining high-quality service with an attractive and memorable design. This ties back into the idea of an all-encompassing interior design concept, that blends fantastic unique design, with a statement exterior design and ties it all together with the branding.

The interior design concept for Twoth is based on the idea of a clean and modern look with special attention to detailing to create a timeless piece of design. This is achieved through the use of organic shapes and natural materials such as wood, marble, and stone. These are combined with clean modern lines to create a fresh and timeless look. Engineered wood in a chevron pattern with vinyl flooring in cream slate-effect ground the design. Cream fabric, along with green and cream velvet are added to create a calming color palette. Marble, along with green Venetian plaster and a combination of green and cream paint adorn the walls. Finally, dried and fresh flowers wrap up the design concept.

Ending thoughts

 The client audience, in conjunction with the brand concept for the clinic, was the foundation of the design. This was then further developed using Victorian design and concepts, an important aspect, especially in the context of Soho.

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