Signature Speciality Coffee

Interior design refresh project for a specialty coffee shop in Al Sawayq, Oman

The design is focused on creating a minimalist space that reflects the Signature Specialty Coffee brand. The space acts as an extension of the brand, becoming an embodiment of the company identity into the built environment, creating a direct connection with the customers and target audience. A sleek and fresh experience is the result of the interior concept using a muted color palette and natural materials help to create a calming and relaxed atmosphere.

At the heart of the design, there is the counter, which acts as the focal point and showcases the coffee roasting process. The use of wood and grey in the countertop gives a distinct contemporary to the space, while also providing a unique texture that is inviting to touch. The goal is to create a unique coffee shop design that will stand out from the competition and help to establish Signature Specialty Coffee as a premier brand in Oman and cement its relationship with its customer base.

Project Features


Al Sawayq, Oman

Signature Speciality Coffee concept design

The coffee becomes the protagonist of the design, with materiality and light used to place it center stage. The focus was to create a comfortable and inviting experience that will foster communication and always be an enjoyable space to visit. The interior design centers around the counter and adjacent utility space, both of which are given their own character. The counter is monolithic in concept, with the adjacent space being detailed with wood to provide a counterbalance, with the counter lighting being the final detail. Together, these 3 elements form a coherent core, around which the interior design wraps. The lighting effects are designed to accentuate the details on the counter while providing comfortable lighting for guests. Special attention is given to the accent lighting fixture over the counter, which becomes a direct representation of the company branding, integrating it further with the overarching coffee shop design.

Our approach for the interior concept of Signature Specialty Coffee has the interior design becoming an integral part of the overall experience. The minimalist aesthetic and use of natural materials create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, while the focus on socializing and interaction encourages customers to stay for a while and enjoy the coffee. The design is modern yet timeless, with a focus on quality and craftsmanship that is evident in every detail. The muted color palette and natural materials help to create a calming environment. The design taps into the branding, with clean lines and materiality, as well as an overall clean aesthetic, bringing the values of the brand to the forefront.

Signature Coffee Materiality and implementation

The coffee shop furniture is arranged in an open plan layout, encouraging socializing and interaction between customers. The use of wood and metal finishes gives the space a warm industrial feeling that reflects the brand’s values. Strategically placed lighting fixtures help to create a focal point and highlight key areas of the coffee shop. In terms of signage, modern typography has been used to create a unique and memorable identity for the coffee shop. The branding is strategically used, designed to be visible while also fading into the background a bit, just enough to not jump out too much. This is in line with the overarching interior design concept, with everything creating a coherent narrative that is in line with the identity of the brand.

Raw materials treated differently are used to create a subtle atmosphere, framed by the generous glass windows and the open ceiling. Exposed concrete, terrazzo, wood, and metal create a sharp and modern design. The counter is designed as a singular monolithic piece of design, with all the required equipment being aesthetically balanced to fit in. The espresso machine in particular is a focal point in the design of the counter, being framed almost like artwork. Adjacent to the counter we have the utility space and together they form the core of the coffee shop design, with the rest being a dedicated seating area.

The lighting design is given special attention, with accent lighting placed above the counter, further accentuating it as a central piece, and then individually over each table, contributing to the cozy atmosphere. Additional lighting is also added above the counter space, further enhancing its important position in the coffee shop design. The materials and colors used in the coffee shop furniture, signage, and lighting fixtures are all carefully selected to create a cohesive design that is unique to Signature Specialty Coffee. It is our belief that great interior design is an integral part of a great brand design, enhancing the experience and creating a fantastic atmosphere for the clientele.

Final thoughts

The interior design for Signature Specialty Coffee uses the brand as a starting point, crafting a space that works as an extension of it, a stylish coffee shop with a clean aesthetic. The counter acts as a central piece, placing the act of preparing coffee front stage, with the design flowing around. In a similar manner, by creating a clear connection to the exterior, the coffee shop itself becomes a key component of the branding, showcasing to and attracting customers.

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