Private Villa

Interior renovation project of a private villa in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The goal of this private villa project was to create a cozy and comfortable design that also has a lot of personal touches, making it a wonderful place to live for the family.

The residential design is led by the contrast between the imposing character of what exists and the subtle minimalist of the new additions. The new additions tone down the imposing design of the building and turn it into a space that is more focused on comfort and being family-oriented. The goal was to create a cohesive style throughout the design that is in tune with the personality of and requirement of the family that will use it.

Project Features


Private Villa design approach

Residential interior design is a very intimate experience for the client, relying on a very close working relationship between the client and interior designer. For this project, we took and space and turned it into a space that is more comfortable and inviting for the family. We were able to work with the client to add some of their personal touches that make the villa feel like home. We worked with the client at every stage ensuring that their vision and personality is present through the residential design. Creating a residential interior design is all about creating a space that feels like home.

Every room receives each special design treatment to create an atmosphere that stands apart and is directly linked to the personality that will use the room, while still adhering to a unifying concept for the whole house to make the design coherent. The kitchen is designed using a minimalist aesthetic, with black and white accents. Special attention is given to the black downlighting over the kitchen island. The dining room benefits from a muted color scheme, resulting in a clean and bright space. The dining space is visually separated from the seating area with a step, to create a sense of division between the two. Decorative organic lighting is used to complete the look. In contrast, the living room is designed with warm wooden accents with a coffee table as the centerpiece. Through the design, minimalist details abound, such as flush doors and plinths along with conceived fittings. Handles are also as downplayed as possible to create a clean aesthetic. The concept of a clean residential interior free of any clutter contributes to the overall living experience, making the home comfortable and calming.

The majlis is a traditional room in Arab homes, serving the role of a front parlor to entertain guests and visitors. It is the heart of the social life of the home. Functionally it creates a space that is open to the public while keeping the private and intimate family space completely separate. This traditional feature is very important as it will also impact any potential visitors to the space and shape their impression of the space. Following the residential design, the majili is furnished with modern pieces and personal items, ensuring a cozy feeling. 

Beyond the majils we have private spaces, separated from the public and open only to the family. The private family room follows the muted colors scheme, with the centerpiece being the teal sofa. The walls are covered with family photos and other personal memorabilia, giving the room a warm and inviting feeling.

Private Villa room particularities

The master bedroom is the most intimate part of the home and they are treated with a rich palette that is deeper than the rest of the home. An accent wall frames the bed, along with modern lighting and sleek furniture, creating a relaxing and intimate atmosphere. The main bedroom wall becomes an accent wall, with a wooden base, framing the bed and adding a cozy feeling to the room. The master bathroom acts as an extension of the master bedroom, with black and grey accents. A frameless shower is the centerpiece of the bathroom, accented with black sanitary fixtures and a full-height mirror. 

Every room in the house is made to feel coherent with the overall interior design while allowing for personal touches specific to the person who will use the room The rooms that the daughters will use has a lighter color palette and softer touches, using curved hanging lighting fixtures that enhance the cozy atmosphere of the room. Textiles are in the same style, with beige curtains and rugs. For the design of the bathrooms, we used white terrazzo along with green matt tiles, complementing the green marble sink and minimalist fixtures.

Lighting is divided between hanging fixtures and recessed fixtures, to create a sense of depth and shadow. This also makes hanging fixtures stand out and complement the interior design. Recessed lighting provides a softer light source that makes the space much more comfortable as well as contributes to the overall wellbeing of the users. Accent lighting is also used to bring out certain interior design features, such as desk lighting or mirror lighting. Fixtures are chosen for their minimal design and to avoid any clutter.

Private Villa parting thoughts

A residential interior design needs to be personal and intimate, creating a connection between the user and the space. It should be a reflection of the user and their personality, with nods to tradition and culture. Functionality is key, as well as a sense of relaxation and wellbeing.

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