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Luxury Vacation Rental in Sur, Oman

What dreams are made of.

Sur villas, located in Sur Oman, have set the standards high on what to expect in a short-term rental villa. City escapers and travellers expect a lot more these days when they book a location.

Sur City also is known as Oman city considered one of the most Omani ancient was introduced as the meeting point across the Indian Ocean, the Arabian sea and the Omani sea playing a vital role in forming a commercial business bridge between the Arabian Peninsula, India, South East Asia, and African continent.


Easily accessible from Muscat (2h), the development is in prime location for both residents and tourists.

Proximity to a number of famous ancient monuments, including Bilad Sur Castle, As Sinaysilah Castle, Al’Ayjah Castle, Fanar Ras Al Meel and Ras Al Hadd Castle. It also has a number of valleys, the most prominent being Wadi Shab and Wadi Tiwi, in addition to Ras Al Hadd where the Turtle Sanctuary at Ras Al Jinz lies.

Situated along the Arabian sea, the complex enjoys amazing waterfront views.

675 sqm of Total Land Plot.

Project Features


Sur, Oman

High-end rental villa conceptual design

The concept also takes into account the exterior of the building, bringing to life the character and history of Victorian design. By creating an engaging and memorable public space, the clinic’s unique design becomes its own marketing tool. Twoth is positioned to attract a young, vibrant clientele that values quality service and aesthetics. The design is all-encompassing, focusing on creating a complete design experience that is emblematic of the brand.

From the moment clients walk in the door, they are immersed in the unique matcha green, one of the trendiest colors of the year! and copper world of Twoth. Dental and beauty clinics have seen a surge in popularity over the past few years, as people become more interested in taking care of their appearance and health, and with this in mind, we designed Twoth to be a one-stop-shop for all dental and beauty needs. The design for Twoth dental and beauty clinic in London was created with the customer in mind. The interior concept is fresh, calming, and stylish – perfect for the unique clientele of Soho.

Resort Villa design

Find sanctuary on a rare stretch of land on Sur coast, enriched by nature and culture.

Stylistic approach

The palette of materials is gathering of natural material with an elegant and harmonious touch. The materials have been inspired by the chosen styles of Wabi Sabi and Japandi.

Design approach

The design concept revolves around nature and the creation of a relaxing place to rest and enjoy life in calm, away from the bustling cities. It seeks beauty in imperfection and accepts the most natural cycle of life. Hand crafted and irregularly shaped materials and textures are preferred, achieving beauty in their intentional imperfection.

A combination of natural materials such as stone, concrete, wood, Venetian plaster, corian will be implemented throughout the project. Along with cosy fabrics, linen, rattan and ash wood accents will complement a calm and candid ambience.

The colour pallet will be earthy and bright inspired by the Japanese character and Ma concepts.

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