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Luxury Beach Resort in Sur, Oman

What dreams are made of.

Sur villas, located in Sur Oman, have set the standards high on what to expect in a short-term rental villa. City escapers and travellers expect a lot more these days when they book a location.

n a world where discerning travelers seek unforgettable experiences, Sur Villas emerges as a beacon of luxury and tranquility in the heart of Sur, Oman. As a brand synonymous with crafting unique brand experiences that resonate with the core values of businesses, Tanic Design proudly presents a project that encapsulates the essence of bespoke living and hospitality. Welcome to Sur Villas, a luxury vacation rental that redefines the standards of short-term villa stays and offers an unparalleled connection to history, culture, and nature.

Situated in the enchanting city of Sur, known as the cradle of Omani history and heritage, Sur Villas stands as a testament to architectural excellence and harmonious design. Sur itself boasts an illustrious history, once serving as a pivotal meeting point between the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea, and the Omani Sea. This historic significance is woven into the very fabric of Sur Villas, as it honors the city’s role in shaping commercial bridges between the Arabian Peninsula, India, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

Project Features


Sur, Oman

Accessed conveniently from Muscat within a mere two-hour drive, the development enjoys a prime location that caters to both residents and tourists seeking a respite from the ordinary. However, Sur Villas is more than just a retreat; it’s a gateway to Oman’s past and present. Nestled amidst iconic ancient monuments such as Bilad Sur Castle, As Sinaysilah Castle, Al’Ayjah Castle, Fanar Ras Al Meel, and Ras Al Hadd Castle, the complex offers an immersive experience in the cultural tapestry of the region. Moreover, the allure of nearby natural wonders like Wadi Shab, Wadi Tiwi, and the Turtle Sanctuary at Ras Al Jinz adds a touch of enchantment to every stay.

With the Arabian Sea as its backdrop, Sur Villas boasts unobstructed waterfront views that evoke a sense of serenity and awe. The total land plot of 675 sqm provides ample space for both privacy and communal enjoyment, ensuring that guests can immerse themselves in the beauty of nature and culture.

At the heart of Sur Villas’ design philosophy lies a seamless fusion of nature and relaxation. Rooted in the principles of Wabi Sabi and Japandi styles, the design embraces imperfection and finds beauty in the organic cycle of life. Every detail has been meticulously chosen to reflect intentional imperfection, celebrating the allure of handcrafted and irregularly shaped materials and textures.

Colours of Tranquility: Resort Design Inspired by Nature

Inspired by the timeless Japanese character and Ma concepts, the colour palette of Sur Villas is both earthy and bright. These hues harmonize with the landscape and architectural features, offering a soothing visual experience that resonates with the rhythm of nature.

Find sanctuary on a rare stretch of land on Sur coast, enriched by nature and culture.

Symphony of Materials 

The material palette embodies a harmonious blend of natural elements, including stone, concrete, wood, Venetian plaster, and corian. These materials, chosen in alignment with Tanic Design’s commitment to translating brand values, create an ambiance that exudes both elegance and authenticity. Complementing these earthy textures are the soothing fabrics of linen and rattan, coupled with the warmth of ash wood accents. This medley of materials forms the foundation of a tranquil and candid atmosphere that invites guests to unwind and connect with their surroundings.

By weaving the narrative of Sur’s history, culture, and nature into the fabric of the design, Sur Villas stands as an embodiment of what dreams are made of—where luxury and authentic experiences converge. As you embark on this journey with Tanic Design, prepare to be captivated by the allure of Sur Villas, where every moment becomes a memory, and every stay is an ode to the extraordinary.

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