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Ladies Only Gym

A feminine concept for a traditionally men-exclusive brand of gyms through the Middle East.

The main challenge of the project was taking a brand and concept that traditionally targets a masculine clientele and converting it to appeal to a female audience while keeping the core values and principles of the brand intact. This was achieved by juxtaposing a brutalist aesthetic, that is traditionally associated with masculinity, with shades of pink and raw textures, to blend into a soft industrial design. The pink and raw textures polish the aesthetics of the brand, creating a different message for a brand new audience. An important aspect of the interior design was the layout of the gym.

To create an environment that is encouraging for women, the gym was designed with a sense of privacy and accessibility in mind. This was done by creating smaller spaces and curving the layout so that it feels more friendly and inviting and less like a traditional gym.

Project Features



Ardiya, Kuwait

Ladies Only Gym design approach

Ladies gym concept design is its own niche within hospitality design, with special technical requirements on how to approach a gym space. With this interior design, we had to connect the client’s brand elements, which had to be transformed to appeal to a female target demographic, along with the requirements for an efficient and pleasant gym design. This was done by creating an overall design that feels spacious, despite the gym being on a smaller scale, and providing separate areas for cardio, weights, and group exercises. We also paid close attention to the details within the space while carefully selecting the color palette and materiality, to ensure that it all feels cohesive and welcoming. As a general trend, gyms are moving away from the traditional “hardcore” aesthetic and towards a more holistic and welcoming design. This shift is in line with our overall goal of making the Ladies Only Gym feel like an inviting space for women to come and work out in.

Interior design is not only about creating beautiful spaces, it’s also about creating functional spaces that meet the needs of the people who will be using them. The Ladies Only Gym is designed with the female body in mind, taking into account the different ways that women move and exercise. This was done by incorporating features like ample storage space for clothes and equipment and designing the layout in a way that makes it easy for women to move around. We also made sure to select furniture and equipment that is comfortable and easy to use, so that members can focus on their workout instead of worrying about the design of the space.

Ladies Only Gym functional design

The gym is spread on 3 levels, with each of them around 600 square meters, totaling 1800 square meters. Functionally, the ground floor contains the reception, changing rooms, pool, sauna, as well as a steam room. The first floor is dedicated to weightlifting as well as cardio, with the second floor housing the monitored activities, such as the yoga studio, GX, spin studio, and general athletic area. Circulation is ensured by the elevator which connects all three floors for ease of access. The design creates large open spaces that will allow the customers the freedom to interact. The color palette is kept simple with shades of pink to reflect the nature of the brand. This interior design challenges those notions by creating a gym that is designed for women. It is a space that feels welcoming and comfortable, while still providing all the necessary amenities for a great workout.

Industrial materials are heavily used, creating a strong gym atmosphere that emanates energy. Concrete flooring, combined with metal wall cladding and metallic mesh is used to create a strong atmosphere that will get the clients in the perfect state of mind to complete their workouts. Strong materials, such as concrete, aluminum, and metal mesh are contrasted with softer and more delicate materials such as pink textiles and terrazzo, as well as wooden tones. The design shifts between floors, depending on the type of workout the floor is dedicated to. The color palette intensifies on the first floor and calms down on the second. Special care is given to the lighting design, which is tailored to each individual activity. The minimal approach to lighting overlays each space and creates different ambients, acting as a way to shape the atmosphere further. 

Parting thoughts

The Ladies Only Gym is designed as a feminine space that breaks with the traditional gym design. It is a welcoming and comfortable environment that is perfect for women to come and work out in. The industrial materials create a strong and energetic atmosphere, while the color palette and lighting design help to shape the overall feel of the gym concept.

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