Headquarters Office

Interior design for a unique office concept in the heart of Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

Our goal was to create a design a space to house our client Headquarters office for the next 10 years, therefore the design had to be flexible and have the ability to adapt over time to new needs that may arise.

Project Features



Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Their team is mostly a team of young and very energetic people who prefer to have freedom of movement. For this reason, we proposed to create large areas of open spaces, where workers can move, interact and collaborate with each other in a dynamic and casual way.

The design evolves as we move up to the second floor, which will house the office of the CEO and upper management, the colour palette becomes calmer and more elegant, without losing its essence. On this floor, both workers and visitors will receive a warm welcome, with ample space and a great deal of light.

The CEO’s office has been designed so that everything he might need is within his reach, with access to the balcony, the VIP meeting room and adjacent to his Secretary office. His office includes a private rest area and toilet, elegant and timeless dark-themed to stand out from the rest of the building and giving the CEO his own space, a bubble where he can unwind and enjoy his spare time.

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