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Coconut Cafe Beach Club

Creating spaces of pure escapism. Coconut Cafe is a fresh and original luxury beach club concept located in The Move, the new high end mixed-use commercial project in Jubail.

The project focuses on 1400 square meters of the beach area, which will be part of The Move project, located at Nakheel Corniche, Jubail, in the easter region of Saudi Arabia. The development will be placed strategically near Main Road number 5, the Intercontinental Hotel, and the Royal Commission Building. The circular structure of the development ensures that every store has access to an equally prime location, ensuring maximum exposure for every business that will be established within. 

Coconut Cafe is a new hospitality concept that takes inspiration from the classic Maldivian beach to transport its clientele to an oasis of peace and calm, all the while being in the heart of Jubail. Creating an oasis for contemplation and the ability to disconnect from stress and worries were the focal point of the design. The Maldivan landscape has become a staple in our collective consciousness for precisely this reason, as we strongly associate it with escapism and wanderlust, becoming a symbol for these things. As such, we focused on bringing this correlation into the hospitality concept and linking it with the overarching brand the design of the beach club.

Project Features


Coconut Cafe conceptual approach

Beach club design is an individual niche in the hospitality design field, with its own particularities and challenges. Because the palette of available design elements is restrictive and the destination of the design is very specific, creating a hospitality concept that stands out to its target client base can be difficult. Our intention was to create something truly unique and memorable for Coconut Cafe, eschewing the commonplace and instead of drawing inspiration from more subtle cues in the Maldivian landscape. The result is an elegant and understated beach club that takes its guests on a journey to the tropics, even if they’re just a few minutes away from the city. From the moment you walk in, you feel as though you’ve been transported to a different place entirely. We hope that Coconut Cafe becomes a cherished destination for those who visit Jubail and allows them to escape every day for a little while. Hospitality design is about creating experiences that transport people to other places and allow them to forget their worries for a brief moment.

The concept is built around a varied clientele, from families to young people, all the while captivating both locals and tourists. The Maldivian aesthetic is blended in a minimalist and luxurious design, creating a tranquil and inviting atmosphere that reflects the landscape, and in turn, becomes an integral part of it. Various zones will be included, from a family area with amazing views and varied seating arrangements to a kids zone that will also feature a playground, to the lounge and bar area. In addition, a volleyball court, motorboat races, and a dedicated shisha lounge will also be included to complete the experience. 

The Move project is a key addition to the Jubail landscape and aims to set new standards for hospitality design in the region. Coconut Cafe Beach Club will be one of the most sought-after destinations in town, offering an unforgettable experience that blends luxury and escapism into one cohesive whole.  The traditional club elements and the overall aesthetic are reinterpreted into a contemporary design, making it relevant and timeless at the same time. Avoiding a cliche design was paramount, taking inspiration without becoming a copy. As such, the design is linked and imbued with contemporary Saudi Arabia design trends, resulting in a unique hospitality project that is very much part of the site where it is located.

Coconut Cafe Materiality and implementation

The material palette combines natural materials with high-end accents, as well as the use of signature design elements, such as the thatched roof. Natural and raw materials are combined, such as wood, cane, and thatch. This is contrasted with the design for the 8 VIP beach cabins, where more refined materials will be used. The overall effect is one of casual refinement, where the simplicity of the materials allows for a focus on the details and craftsmanship. The use of round roofs and natural materials also helps to create a sense of being in tune with nature, seamlessly blending the beach club into its surroundings. This will contribute to the atmosphere of pure escapism, where clients can come and detach from everyday stress. 

The color palette features earthly tones, which will be directly provided by the natural materials used, giving the spaces a comfortable and relaxing vibe, reminiscent of the tropics. The cabins will have round thatched roofs, which will sit on a square plan, with generous windows on two sides, ensuring a sense of openness and connection to the outside. The interior will be finished with a Maldivian-inspired design, using high-quality materials and furniture. The cabins will be equipped with all the necessary amenities, ensuring a pleasant and comfortable experience.

Coconut Cafe closing thoughts

Bringing in a Maldive-inspired aesthetic and hospitality concept to create an urban oasis that will help visitors escape was the conceptual approach. Furthering this, we took iconic beach club design elements and merged them with a contemporary approach to design, resulting in a beach club that is worthy of The Move.

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