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Al Qurashi Hotel

The Al Qurashi is designed to create a unique experience for pilgrims for their blessed journey to Mecca.

Al Qurashi Hotel serves super-wealthy pilgrims from around the world. We aimed to provide their  exclusive clientele with new experiences during their blessed journey to the sacred city of Mecca, to create a welcoming place, where to find the calm to worship, a haven where happiness and comfort meet and is perfect for creating memories that remain in your mind forever.

Located in the Al Jamiah district of the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, the hotel provides immediate and easy access to Mount Araf, Jaba Al Nour, Jeddah, and other major destinations. Creating a welcoming oasis, where pilgrims can find the calm to perform the rituals of Haji, the hotel design centers around the needs and expectations of its clientele, becoming a haven for visitors from all over the globe. The hotel’s distinctive Islamic design brings traditional Arabic architecture principles and concepts from the sacred spaces. Intricate interior design is used that reflects Islamic patterns, colors, and themes.

Conceptual approach 

The hospitality design concept is inspired by the Paran desert where part of the Hajj ritual takes place. 

The desert’s clean lines and minimalistic features provide the perfect backdrop for a spiritual journey and a point of anchorage as we shaped the interior design through all the stages. The forms of the desert and the meaning of the ritual gave us the starting point to create a modern and timeless hospitality space. The space is humble in its materiality, embodying the moral and spiritual values that nurture the spirit and cleanse the heart. 

The hotel’s interior spaces are designed to provide guests with a sense of tranquility and privacy in the midst of their spiritual journey. 

The hotel’s hospitality design is reflective of the traditional Arab culture and its Islamic values, while also incorporating modern elements and technologies to provide guests with a comfortable and welcoming experience. With its unique design and luxurious amenities, the Al Qurashi Hotel offers pilgrims an unforgettable hospitality experience that will make their journey to Mecca. 

The space focuses on blending the notion of faith with that of nature, all the while bringing in some austerity that evokes inner peace. In other words, it is a place where one can come to rest and reflect on their spiritual journey.

Al Qurashi Hotel area of intervention

The building consists of 10 levels, which also includes 2 basements.

The intervention area of the interior design is focused on the hotel lobby, which has an approximate area of 120 square meters. The area benefits from a double ceiling height, with an adequate floor to ceiling height of around 6 meters.

The double-height ceiling creates a strong sense of arrival, with the first floor overlooking it.  


The lobby space is inspired by the iconic passage of the Grand Mosque, taking the traditional geometry and adapting it to the scale of the space.

The reception is placed on the left and a seating area just opposite it An accent wall with an ornate pattern sits at the center, creating a coherent ensemble.


The balance of the design is essential, as it creates a sense of calm and serenity, an introductory point to the pilgrim’s journey. The materiality is distinctly humble, inspired by the desert and Kabaa colors, with light-colored walls blended with a light stone floor.


The interior design concept is then extended through the space, focusing on creating a blended and neutral palette that will contribute to the journey the pilgrim will undertake.

Hanging light fixtures with traditional Arabic design elements are used, continuing the idea of the patterns that adorn the walls. These strike a balance between being visible and blending in, becoming a part of the background and not taking away from the overall hotel design. 

Natural materials, such as stone, wood, and Venetian plaster are used consistently to create a strong connection with nature, as well as contributing to the warm and inviting atmosphere and the sense of tranquility.

They are further accentuated by linen fabrics and rich carpets, with gold metal and accents to create a  luxurious and timeless feel. 

There are two social spaces within the lobby, designed to encourage socialization and discussion. The first is contemporary and dedicated to smaller groups or individuals. The second is represented by the majlis, a traditional Arabic concept.

The use of traditional design and materials, combined with modern elements and technologies, creates a unique hospitality design that will appeal to pilgrims traveling to Mecca.


It provides them with an unforgettable experience that will make their journey even more special.


Materiality and atmosphere design

Perlato porcelain tiles are combined with Nero Marquina and travertine marble to create a balanced and luxurious design. Velvet, in brown, beige, and cream color are added further as accents.


Beyond material accents, light accents are also used, integrated with traditional design patterns to make them stand out and further enhance the connection between the hotel space and the concept of worship and spirituality.

The lighting is soft, creating a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere that blends in with the soft austerity of the hotel design.

The reliance on natural materials further links the contemporary design to the rich history of the Arab world, looking to create a timeless design as well as a statement, and enhancing the atmosphere of worship to which the hotel is dedicated.

Closing thougths

The design for the Al Qurashi hotel is thought to punctuate a stop in a spiritual journey, inviting pilgrims to rest and prepare for the next stage. The journey to Mecca and the rituals of Haji are an essential part of religious life and as such, the design blends the practical considerations with the spiritual ones, to create a contemplative space for the pilgrims that visit.

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