Al Qurashi Hotel

Al Qurashi Hotel serves super-wealthy pilgrims from around the world. We aimed to provide their  exclusive clientele with new experiences during their blessed journey to the sacred city of Mecca, to create a welcoming place, where to find the calm to worship, a haven where happiness and comfort meet and is perfect for creating memories that remain in your mind forever.

Project Features



Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Our goal is to create a design for Al Qurashi Hotel to provide a luxury hajj pilgrimage experience to their customers while offering maximum satisfaction to the valued pilgrims coming from all across the globe.

The Hotel consists of 10 levels, including two basements levels. Our intervention area is focused on the hotel lobby, with an approximate area of 120 sqm. The central area has double height ceiling with adequate floor to ceiling height of about 6.1 meters. The hotel is equipped with two elevators to ease accessibility.

The design proposal is based on a study of the environment and the purpose of the journey, inspired by the Paran desert and its sinuous forms as well as by the purpose of the pilgrim himself, seeking to embody moral and spiritual values that nurture the spirit, implementing austere materials that evoke faith and inner peace.

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