Why tanic?

Well, we're a boutique firm making the coolest and most impactful interiors around the globe.


Why choose us?


Crafted Just for You

We craft custom spaces that scream your brand's personality. We don't just design, we tell your story, bridging the gap between your brand and customers. Here's to dominate the hospitality scene!

Beyond Aesthetics

We make sure every little corner is a memory-maker, creating experiences that keep people coming back for more. Let me tell you a secret: it's about feelings! Let's build a space that truly connects.

Your Growth Partner

We're on a mission to boost your brand and business. Tanic isn't just about design; it's about strategic alignment with your goals. Choose Tanic for a partner in success, turning your vision into thriving reality.

Designs you'll ❤️, guaranteed

Connecting your brand with your customers through exceptional interior design experiences.

We're all about making your brand and customers click through killer interior design. It's not just about looking good, but feeling like a perfect match.


Why now?


Grow Your Business

Putting your bucks in Tanic Design now is like planting a seed for your business's future. Our designs aren't just about looking good; they're about fueling long-term growth. Make a move today, and set your brand on the fast track to success, reaping the benefits of a space that's not just well-designed, but also strategically aligned.

Beat the Competition

The hospitality industry moves fast, and customer expectations evolve. Acting now with Tanic ensures you stay ahead in the experience game. Don't let your competitors steal the spotlight. Seize the opportunity to create unforgettable spaces and captivate your audience before others do.

Attract More Guests

Don't wait to boost the allure of your hospitality business and draw in more guests. At Tanic Design, we're experts at crafting spaces that hit the mark with your desired audience, whether it's a hotel, restaurant, or resort. This translates into more reservations, higher occupancy rates, and a thriving business.

Designs you'll ❤️, guaranteed

We're not just any design studio. We're a boutique firm that crafts the most awesome and impactful interiors across the globe. We take pride in our unique approach that blends creativity with functionality, ensuring your space isn't just beautiful, but also practical. With Tanic, you're not just getting design, you're getting an experience that elevates your brand. We're all about building a real bond between your brand and your customers, turning your space into a powerful communication tool. This isn't just design, it's strategic storytelling that makes you a standout in the market.


Without a strategy, you're just freewheeling. No matter your aims, we'll collaborate to brew the perfect hospitality strategy. We'll ensure everything, from your branding to your interior design, comes together in a cohesive way.


We don't just design spaces, we tell stories. We take your brand's tale and sprinkle it throughout the space. It's more than just attracting people to your business, it's about creating a connection that keeps them coming back.


Got a solid plan and a great design, but need it built? No problem! We work with reliable partners and use tried-and-true methods to ensure your space is created exactly as you envisioned.