Hotel interior design

Hotel interior design that conveys your story.

Experts in the field of hotel interior design and hospitality design, Tanic connect experience with brand storytelling, ultimately creating a sense of brand-loyalty and love. 

We understand that a hotel’s success relies on experience. Tanic designers craft a brand story through each touch-point, eliminating pain points and enabling efficiency throughout. A hotel is a hybrid of experiences, from eating and drinking, to working and sleeping – each journey needs to be seamlessly connected and consistent. At Tanic, we can work with you to craft your brand experience, and ensure your audience wants to return.

Hospitality design should inspire and create a memorable, emotional connection. Our hospitality interior designers can create the ideal layout and decor for your hotel, and have the knowledge to fine-tune every aspect to offer the best experience for guests.

Whether you’re looking for a full refurbishment, launching a new space or creating a new experience, our hotel interior designers can help you get the best design possible for your brand. Working with established global brands and emerging startups, we know how to get the most out of every space we work on. The design will gather the hospitality services under one roof while keeping them interconnected and consistent. The visually pleasing interior brings a feeling of luxury and elegance.

Developing hotel design concept based on your ideas

Our ultimate goal is to work collaboratively with you to create a scheme that compliments the site and attracts your target audience. To make sure that’s exactly what happens we oversee everything from concept to completion. To bring your new hotel to life, we work with a range of specialist suppliers and installers.

A memorable hotel experience will turn your first-time guests into loyal customers. We at Tanic Design strongly believe that the layout and decor will make a substantial impact on the consumer’s experience. The hotel interior design is specially created to cater to your target customers, gathering dining and accommodation under one roof for a premium experience. The design features a carefully chosen combination of materials, colors, finishes, and furnishings that convey your brand image. 

Our professional service is strongly client-centered, meaning that we will work closely with you and your team or operator to understand your requirements. Once we get a grasp of your vision and goals, we will visualize them with the help of our advanced technology. The designers will understand the mood and ambiance you want and replicate them with the proper use of colors and materials. Your suggestions are very important to us, so we will work closely with you and use your feedback to alter the design according to your preferences.

Hospitality Interior Design Services

Our services are specially developed to cater to your specific needs. We will work closely with you to translate your unique selling point into a luxurious space that offers a memorable stay.

Hotel Furniture Design For Your Customers Utmost Comfort

The mission of hospitality interior design firms is to create spaces aligned with your customer’s needs. Tanic Design highlights the importance of proper furnishings to develop a design that perfectly matches your requirements. The hotel furniture fits the story and conveys the brand value while providing maximum comfort for your guests. 

Boutique Hotel Design That Provides An Intimate Experience

Your boutique hotel should provide an authentic experience that reflects the local life. The hotel interior experts at Tanic Design will help you develop a distinctive selling point that will attract tourists due to its uniqueness. Our skilled team will execute a design that offers an intimate experience accompanied by a tailored service. 

Luxury Hotel Interior design With An Upscale Feel

 Our professional designers will implement complementary color palettes, textures, and materials that bring an upscale feel. Every single detail will be thoroughly planned to create the desired mood. Consequently, the luxurious hotel room interior will exceed client’s expectations and assure guests that they will receive quality service.

Hotel Lobby Interior That Wishes A Warm Welcome

The hotel lobby is the first contact that guests will make with your business, so we strive to make an excellent first impression. A proper layout will provide an uninterrupted traffic flow for your precious customers. On the other hand, the design offers maximum comfort making their waiting time more pleasant. 

Getting Hotel interior design right; our process

Tanic Design, based in Abu Dhabi, offers hospitality interior design tailored to your specific requirements. Every project is a story on its own, and our hospitality interior designers have the expertise to take over the challenge. With being client-centered, our team will put your wishes first and develop an interior design that matches them to perfection. 

Our ultimate goal is to work collaboratively with you to create a scheme that compliments the site and attracts your target audience. 

We help you create a bespoke design that represents your brand and gives you a competitive advantage in the market. The result is increased profitability, obtaining loyal customers, and establishing an outstanding reputation. 

The working process is transparent and straightforward, allowing busy people to focus in what really matters. 

Our design process consists of a few steps:

  1. Fill out an inquiry form or drop us an email.
  2. Meet our team and discuss the details. Don’t be shy! Share with us your ideas and goals and we’ll make sure to make them happen.
  3. Our expert hospitality interior design team will develop a solution that answers your needs. They will start by creating the concept. All the magic starts there.
  4. Once the concept is nothing short of sensational, we will proceed with the design development. Basic architectural drawings will be prepared for you and your operational team input.
  5. Let’s work on the details! Further detailing on the architectural drawings, furniture and joinery details, lighting design, impeccable constructive details, specialties design… Attention to detail is crucial! We know which details to focus on.
  6. Your project is ready to be built. We’ll package all final documentation –documents, drawings, renders– so you can hand over your contractor all the information they will need. We’ll be right here and provide you support during the construction process.

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Our hotel interior design works

Working with professional hospitality interior design firms is essential to ensure a smooth and straightforward project. Tanic Design has the needed expertise to work on hotel interior projects that align with your business goals. Our professional approach will ensure on-time completion and an outcome that reflects your wishes.

We craft customer connection. Across Brand Identity and Brand Experience, we create memorable moments for your customers to experience and share. We do this through Brand Identity and Hospitality Interior Design. We’ve worked with internationally renowned brands as well as fledgling businesses emerging in the marketplace, collaborating on a wide range of projects. Take a look at our recent work below.

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