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One of the most important aspects of any villa is its overall design, both in terms of architecture, landscaping and interior design. All of these elements combine to create the overall atmosphere and experience of staying in a luxury villa.
The best luxury villas are truly a sight to behold, with a unique character that is expressed in the overall aesthetics of the structure, its surroundings and the interior.

Professional High-end Residential Interior Design Studio

Tanic Design Agency provides a fully integrated luxury residential interior design service working with private clients and property developers to create elegant interiors of distinction. With a focus on bespoke, unique designs, tailored to fit each client’s personal needs, we provide a complete residential interior design service taking a project from concept to completion. We start all aspects of our residential interior design with concepts – these are illustrated to the client through imagery, sketches, materials and visualisations. We then take these inspirations through to the schematic design stage, where more detailed technical drawings, CGIs and rendered drawings are produced in order to convey our vision to our client.

We design interiors for villas of any complexity, from small villas to a large palace alike luxury villas. 

Our designers and architects will provide you with a detailed plan of your project, drawings, 3D images visualization, project cost estimation, assist with building materials selection suitable for your chosen style and your budget, source the exclusive furniture and consult you on every aspect of your project so you could make a right decision in your villa design process.

Homes and Apartments interior design

We do creative space planning and interior architecture to ensure every meter of your property is utilized with the best purpose. We provide custom-made furnishing to fit in ideally to your living space and add exclusivity to your interior.

Our designers and architects work closely together to create stylish functional living spaces according to clients’ requirements and budget. Take advantage of our full interior design services or consult to design any part of your home.

Unique Palace interior design

A palace interior design is one of our specializations. Our designers create royal residences for high-status clients.

We create a truly unique palace design thru imaginative living spaces, designed to transport clients into the home of their dreams. Working collaboratively with clients to bring their vision to life, our team has the unique ability to enhance a client’s aesthetic by blending in unexpected and truly distinctive elements. 

Conceptualisation & High-end interior design

Our approach to any residential design project is to re-conceptualise what is considered an ordinary interior and elevate it to an extraordinary scheme. Cultivating the right balance between a building and its interior, our holistic ethos results in fluid, light-filled spaces that connect with their architectural surrounds.
With the support of a talented team, including highly trained residential interior designers, interior joinery designers, furnishings and procurement specialists, our interior design studio works cohesively to bring a unique identity to any design.

We love the emotions created through good design, the way it attracts different people. 

Creative Residential Interior Design

Interior design has an ability to influence mood and the way we behave in the home. Understanding the profound impact an interior can have on the way we live, our schemes reflect a thoughtful design and a special consideration for function.
Creating spaces adapted to client’s needs, our interior design studio strives to create spectacular home interiors that effortlessly integrate with its inhabitants’ lives; resulting in sophisticated layouts with an uncompromising attention to detail.

Housing projects are invariably cost-sensitive, and as such, successful projects need to be viable whilst maintaining a balance between efficiency and elegance. Our residential interior designers combine detailed, strategic thinking with design creativity to provide value-added interior design for all housing schemes.

The continuity of architecture and interior design is synonymous with the ethos of our Studio. Our expert teams work together for a harmonious blend of function and creativity.

Our team focuses on adding a surprising element to a space so it will exude uniqueness rather than being predictable. For each project, we work carefully to come up with a design that’s individual instead of typical. By considering the architecture of the building and the design needs of the client, we are able to create something new that doesn’t come off as branded.

From initial concept design to the final finishing touches, we offer a completely bespoke service. Our talented designers blend high-quality craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology with an expert understanding of how to use light, form, colour and materials to maximise the potential of each interior space.

Our forte is spatial planning and we believe strongly in the concept of addition through subtraction. This means we start from scratch, with our in-house architectural team and interior designers working closely together to visualise a space using state of the art 3D models that integrate the latest AV and lighting technology, opening up a world of new possibilities.

We can help you not only redesign a space aesthetically, but also transform it to better suit your needs. Whether the job is big or small, if you want to change the way a room functions and flows, you want to restore a space to its old glory, or you want to adapt a room to meet new expectations, our team of professionals can get it done.

We work with an extended network of expert consultants, including structural, mechanical and electrical engineers, planning consultants, quantity and party wall surveyors, offering a full architectural solution from concept to completion. Our unrivalled expertise also extends to detailed schemes for planning applications and party wall awards.

We believe that design makes things better. Better for our clients and for the environments they inhabit. With this belief, we tackle every project with an open mind and scrupulous attention to detail. This enables us to generate fresh and engaging ideas.
Whether designing an apartment or a luxurious palace, we apply the same principles to everything we do.

Getting residential interior design right; our process

Our ultimate goal is to work collaboratively with you. 

Tanic Design offers residential interior design tailored to your specific requirements. Every project is a story on its own, and our residential interior designers have the expertise to take over the challenge. With being client-centered, our team will put your wishes first and develop an interior design that matches them to perfection. 

The working process is transparent and straightforward, allowing busy people to focus in what really matters. 

Our design process consists of a few steps:

  1. Fill out an inquiry form or drop us an email.
  2. Meet our team and discuss the details. Don’t be shy! Share with us your ideas and goals and we’ll make sure to make them happen.
  3. Our expert residential interior design team will develop a solution that answers your needs. They will start by creating the concept. All the magic starts there.
  4. Once the concept is nothing short of sensational, we will proceed with the design development. Basic architectural drawings will be prepared for your input.
  5. Let’s work on the details! Further detailing on the architectural drawings, furniture and joinery details, lighting design, impeccable constructive details, specialties design… Attention to detail is crucial! We know which details to focus on.
  6. Your project is ready to be built. We’ll package all final documentation –documents, drawings, renders– so you can hand over your contractor all the information they will need. We’ll be right here and provide you support during the construction process.

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Our residential interior design work

The best interior concept and design is meant to enhance user experience, while bringing financial value and maximising the impact of a space. Our interior designers aim to achieve optimum functionality without compromising on your comfort and personal style. We are a forward-looking company that prizes the themes of futurism, minimalism, functionality, social and sustainability.

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