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Our tailored approach is applicable to hospitality businesses generating at least £1 million in revenue. We help you achieve cohesive brand image and create a space that draws in your ideal audience, resulting in business growth and success. At the end of our rigorous process, you’ll be equipped with a unique interior design concept that deeply connects with your customers, staff, and investors, driving long-term loyalty and profitability.


Hospitality brands

Our design philosophy is all about creating spaces that not only look amazing but also evoke emotions and tell a story. The results? Your guests won’t just have a one-time fling with your brand – they’ll fall madly in love and form a lifelong connection.

Tanic’s approach to design ensures that every aspect of your space is meticulously thought out, from the materials to the furniture selection and everything in between. And the best part? You’ll see tangible results that go far beyond aesthetics, like increased guest satisfaction and loyalty, and ultimately, higher revenue for your business.

Our Design Process (yes! it's a process)

It starts with thorough research and analysis to create a design plan that is tailored to your unique business needs, helping you connect with your dream clients and stand out in the competitive hospitality industry.

Schematic design is where the real magic happens! Our team translates all that research into a creative, cohesive plan that will leave you and your customers in awe.

Detailed design is the phase where the conceptual design is transformed into detailed plans, specifications and drawings. This results in a clear, accurate, and comprehensive plan for the implementation of the project.

The paperwork that brings your design dreams to life. No skipping corners here, we’ll be creating detailed documentation to make sure your project is executed with precision.

Ensuring your design vision becomes a reality without any hiccups or delays, allowing for a smooth and stress-free process. Leave the hard hats to us! 

Project complete! Your space now reflects your unique brand and style, creating an exceptional atmosphere for guests to enjoy. Time to celebrate the results and see how your customers connect with your renewed brand!


Around 4-6 weeks


Designing a space that attracts your dream clients requires research, creativity, and a deep understanding of your brand. We delve into your business DNA to create an immersive environment that captivates your audience and leaves a lasting impression.



— Your Customers And Their Journey

— The Why Behind The Brand

— Making your Goals Reality

— Look And Feel

CONCEPT DESIGN: Concept design presentation is where we bring your vision to life, creating a mood board that captures the atmosphere you want to create, selecting a colour scheme that matches your brand identity, creating a preliminary layout that maximizes the space, presenting material proposals that align with your goals, and inspiring you with furniture selections that bring your space to life.

Tanic Design Interior design planning
Interior design sketch


Around 4 weeks


Schematic design is the phase where we take all the research, brainstorming, and collaboration and turn it into visual concepts that capture the essence of your brand. It’s like creating a blueprint for your dream space that not only looks amazing but also aligns with your goals and values. This is where the magic begins, and we start to see your vision come to life!



– Basic Architectural drawings set

– Renders package

– Digital material sample board

– Material, lighting and fixtures proposal


Around 4  weeks


Refining every detail to ensure the space is not only beautiful but also functional and efficient, transforming ideas into reality. Every element is carefully crafted, from selecting the perfect color scheme to choosing the right materials. It’s all about the finer details, bringing your vision to life with precision and technical expertise.



– Detailed Architectural drawings set

– High-resolution Renders package

– All details concerning the flooring transition, furniture design, wood works design, glass, false ceilings, painting, flooring, metal works, etc

– Material, furniture and lighting proposal with suppliers list

Tanic Design Interior design Services
Tanic Design Interior design Services


Around 4-6 weeks


Construction documents are a set of drawings and specifications that detail every aspect of a building project. They serve as a guide for contractors during construction and ensure that the finished product matches the designer’s vision. Accurate construction documents are crucial for ensuring that the project is completed on time, within budget, and to the client’s satisfaction. By providing detailed instructions for the construction process, construction documents also help to prevent misunderstandings or errors that could lead to costly delays or rework.



– Shop drawings set

– FF&E booklet

– Bill of Quantities or Blind Bill of Quantities


Around 4  weeks


Our ongoing support during the construction phase ensures that the design we’ve created for your space is executed seamlessly and to our high standards, resulting in a space that not only looks beautiful but functions perfectly for your hospitality business. We understand the importance of a smooth construction process, and we’re here to ensure that everything runs smoothly so you can focus on running your business.


Our team will keep you in the loop with frequent progress reports and provide valuable recommendations along the way. 

Tanic Design Interior design Services

Celebrate your success knowing that your guests will love the unforgettable experience you've created for them.

Ready to take the plunge?

Excellent! Let’s make it official – just fill out the application form linked below. If we’re feeling the chemistry, we’ll set up a call to chat more about your project and put together a proposal with a fixed quote that will have you jumping for joy (and your competitors green with envy).

Hospitality interior design

Hospitality interior design is about more than just aesthetics – it’s about creating a space that stimulates the senses, complements the delicious food on offer, and conveys brand identity throughout. Crafting your brand message and integrating it within your restaurant or cafe design is what our expert team excels at.

We specialize in creating inspiring coffee shop and restaurant interior designs that cater to your consumer’s needs. Our goal is to create innovative brand experiences that promote a stronger sense of brand love. 

We believe that delivering a unique experience, creating a sense of community, and having a differentiation strategy are the key factors to create memorable spaces that drive brand loyalty and repeat business from your ideal customers.

Transform your hotel or resort into a one-of-a-kind destination that guests will remember for years to come. Our expert team specializes in designing captivating hotel and resort interiors that seamlessly blend form and function, enhancing the guest experience and driving repeat business.

We work closely with you to understand your brand identity and create a unique design concept that reflects it throughout the property. From the lobby to the guest rooms, we ensure that every detail is carefully crafted to create a cohesive and unforgettable experience for your guests.

Our approach combines innovation, creativity, and practicality to deliver hotel and resort designs that not only look beautiful but also drive profitability. 

CURRENTLY feeling...

like your space doesn’t really reflect your business anymore?   /   fed up of interior design that don’t match your brand goals /   tired of feeling disconnected from your business   /   your business not generating enough sales?   /   at a turning point where you want to level up to reach new goals?   /   struggling to attract new customers to your business?  / failing to differentiate your business from your competitors?  / that you need a design firm who really understands the hospitality industry?

WORK WITH US and you’ll have…

a distinct and unforgettable ambiance that will have your guests coming back for more   /   well-designed space that optimizes flow and functionality, resulting in more efficient operations  /   transformed brand image that reflects your unique vision and style, setting you apart from the competition  /   welcoming and engaging environment that forms an instant connection with your guests, creating a lasting impression

Grow your business and attract your ideal clients with strategic interior design.

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