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Are you a looking for a residential interior design agency? Ok, we'll share a secret with you. Occasionally, we enjoy working on stunning residential projects.

High-end residential interior design services

Only available for repeating customers at this point.

We create interior residential spaces that engender memorable experiences. We listen, understand and translate your family needs, personality and desires to design and implement solutions that provides your with your dreamed lifestyle. Whether it’s a villa, a house or an apartment, Tanic team will create a truly-bespoke space for you and your family talking all your desires.

Memorable spaces to enjoy, eat, live and work where design is at the service of experience.

Let's see some high-end residential interior design works

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Check the FAQ’s or book a free 30-minute consultation. We are here to answer any questions you have about our services.

TANIC - company Abu Dhabi

Tanic Design, an interior design company in Abu Dhabi & London, is dedicated to delivering personalised experiences.

We don’t just create incredible spaces. We deliver experiences.

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How To Start A Hospitality Business – Checklist

How To Start A Hospitality Business – Checklist

These are the basics you need to know to start a hospitality business, not only to survive or be profitable, but also to position your business in the market and outperform the competition. 

Want to know how?

How To Start A Hospitality Business – Checklist

Follow the Checklist for a successful business start.

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