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Design fees are AED 35K – 220K, depending on the project.

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A Top-Tier Interior Design Company In Abu Dhabi

Services; Interior Architecture, Interior Design, FF&E, Due Diligence and Story Telling.

What We Do

Building and communicating spatial identities.

At Tanic Design we pride ourselves on having no prepackaged ideas or preconceived solutions; from the grandest to the most intimate, our approach remains the same, each project starts with the client, turning their vision into an iconic reality, keeping the guest experience at its core.

Tanic’s design approach focuses on a multi-layered and stimulating sensory experience. Through the exploration of materiality, colour, form and an intuitive juxtaposition of contemporary and vintage, architectural and organic, graphic and instinctive, we curate a myriad of experiences in each space.

Our expertise entails:

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TANIC - company Abu Dhabi

Tanic Design, an interior design company in Abu Dhabi & London, is dedicated to delivering personalised experiences.

We don’t just create incredible spaces. We deliver experiences.

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How To Start A Hospitality Business – Checklist

How To Start A Hospitality Business – Checklist

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How To Start A Hospitality Business – Checklist

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