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We are a creative interior design agency based in London, UK.

We are Tanic

Interior Design Company in London

We build impactful interior concept designs for startups and growth-driven companies around the world.
Tanic is a creative design studio specialised in hospitality projects. Our designs help our clients grow their businesses by attracting more customers and making them remember their brands by creating unforgettable experiences.

Client LOVE

Outstanding work
Excellent listeners, professionals, they captured our requirements and turned them into creative designs. They went above and beyond to make sure this project is done as per our expectations and delivered the results we were looking for. Thank you!
S. Mashal
Amazing work by Tanic
They produced an amazing concept design based in our branding guidelines. The result was superb, we were able to translate our brand values and vision to an interior. We have nothing but good words to say about Tanic.
Rashid. M
Creativity needs experts
Tanic is one of the best teams I have worked with, very corporate and the whole process was well defined from the beginning. I have to say that all our collaborations have been a great success. I wish you all the best Tanic team, you are doing great ūüí™ūüŹĹūüėć.
Almutasim M.
The best interior designers I have worked with so far
They managed to work professionally and guide me throughout the process smoothly I totally recommend Tanic and for sure we will work in future projects as our one stop shop designing consultant THANK YOU FOR THE WORK!!
M. Al Alawi
Happy and will work with them again!
It was great working with you guys! Your thoughtfulness, thoroughness and enthusiasm was MUCH appreciated!
T. Wali

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Are you in need of an interior design company in London?

The team at Tanic can help your company create a unique concept design that will set you apart from your competition by telling your own story.

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Latest Creative & Interior Design Projects

We help define business concepts from a design perspective

We connect the dots between business and culture with bespoke design and interiors.

Our goal is to create distinctive environments where design is at the core of the strategy, not just an added value.

We analyse, study and co-create with the client, developing solutions that are unique, doable and transformative.

How we can help you

Creating impactful spaces that work for your brand and business is a fundamental step in the development of any entrepreneur. Our role is to help you with fresh concepts, developed and tailored to your needs and situation. We strongly believe in a bespoke process to create the optimum approach for you.

From our global position to local and personal services, we will envision a new experience for your project and be there every step of the way until it’s successfully built and implemented.

Tanic is a creative design studio that stands out in the commercial design sector, using our knowledge base and experience to tailor the best solutions for our clients.

Setting up a new business can be overwhelming. This is where we can help, creating a unique space to tell and promote your story and create a bridge with your clientele, laying a solid foundation on which you can build further. We are professionals and don’t rely on guesswork, we create successful brand spaces that attract your dream clients. 

We know we can help. 

From our global heart to our local & personal service, we offer honesty, integrity, and the capability to create the experience you envision for your project.

Tanic Design is a creative design studio that stands out as the brand in the commercial design sector that takes the right ideas and concepts to provide the perfect design solution for clients.

We get it, setting up your business can be overwhelming. That is why we are here to help you create a space that makes promoting your business a breeze. Tanic takes the guesswork out of creating a successful brand that attracts your dream clients and tells your unique story.

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Tanic Design, an interior design company in Abu Dhabi & London, is dedicated to delivering personalised experiences.

We don’t just create incredible spaces. We deliver design experiences that help you connect with your dream clients.

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