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We believe in keeping it real with our clients. No fluff, no confusion. As you start your design journey (yep, it’s a journey), we’ve got answers to your FAQs. Let’s build a collaborative relationship that’s rock-solid from the get-go.

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How long does the design process take?

Well, we’re not magicians, but we work fast!

The design process timeframe depends on your project’s size and requirements. Generally, we’d say around six months is a good rule of thumb, but smaller projects can be done in as little as three months. Larger ones can take up to a year.

We’re all about being upfront and transparent, so we’ll discuss the timeframe with you before we begin. If you need it even faster, we’ve got rush options available – just be ready for some higher fees.

Want to know more about our process? Click here and let’s get started!


Do you offer renders only?

We could offer just renders, but that’s like serving you a slice of bread when you deserve a full-course meal!

We’re all about creating immersive experiences that go beyond just pretty pictures. We want to make your brand shine and help you reach your full potential.

If you’re only looking for renders, we’re not the right fit for you.

Do you offer a discovery call?

Absolutely! Our discovery calls are like a shot of espresso – quick, energizing, and full of potential. We’ll listen to your ideas, share our expertise, and together we’ll decide if we’re the perfect match to bring your project to life.
And don’t worry, we won’t keep you on the line for hours like your last ex. Just 30 minutes to get the ball rolling! Ready to book your shot?

Will you work with my contractor and sub-contractors?

Sure thing! We’re more than happy to collaborate with your contractors and subcontractors. We understand the importance of effective communication throughout the design process, and we’ll do our part to ensure everyone is on the same page.
But if you don’t have any go-to contractors, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ll help you find the right team for your project and make sure they meet our high standards. We’ll even give you a crash course in contractor lingo so you can feel confident in your decision-making. We want your experience to be as smooth and stress-free as possible.

My Contractor/Architect offers design services; why should I hire an independent Interior Designer?

While we’re flattered that your contractor/architect thinks they can do our job, we’re pretty confident they can’t do it like we can.

As a specialized hospitality interior design consultancy, we focus solely on creating unforgettable spaces that leave a lasting impression on your guests.

We know how to balance functionality with aesthetics, and we’re experts at creating the perfect atmosphere that will keep people coming back for more.

So, if you want your space to truly stand out from the crowd, it’s time to ditch the jack-of-all-trades and bring in the hospitality design pros. Trust us, your guests will thank you.

How is an interior designer assigned to my project?

You’re in luck! You don’t just get one, but our entire team of talented designers! We’re like the Avengers, but for interior design. You’ll have a lead designer as your main point of contact, but the rest of us will be swooping in and out of your project, bringing our unique expertise and creativity to the table. Think of us as your dream team, here to make your project a smashing success. With our collaborative approach, you’ll have faster turnaround times and an even better end result.

How soon I should reach out for my new project?

Well, we were hoping you’d reach out to us yesterday, but we’ll accept today too!

In all seriousness, it’s best to reach out to us as soon as you start considering a new project.

Even if you’re in the early stages of planning or just have a few ideas in mind, we can help you clarify your vision and develop a solid plan to make it a reality. Waiting until later in the process can limit your options and make it harder to achieve the look and feel you really want.

Plus, the sooner we start working together, the more time we have to perfect the design and ensure that every detail is just right.

Do you offer project management?

We work with our clients in several different capacities when they are undergoing a renovation or new build project. We will discuss upfront the scope of work and our deliverables so we are on the same page. We will advise you about what the right steps should be to ensure the best result for your project.


While we do not provide general contracting services on new builds and renovations – that is, coordinating all the trades people and materials, we do prefer to handle the project oversight to make sure the designs we provide are being carried out as they were designed by us. Project oversight is a very important part of a well executed project, and we encourage our clients to allow us to remain involved in this phase. This will take a lot off your plate so you don’t end up with decision fatigue.


We make several site visits during the project, communicate with the GC and report back to you. We are sure to observe installation practices, site conditions and verify that the correct materials are being installed. This requires attention to detail, familiarity with the execution of good design and great communication skills.


The seemingly minute details are the things that will make or break the design and how you will use your space long after construction is over. Things like tile transitions, curb heights, tile layouts, electrical and plumbing placements, trim and cabinet details and much more. These decisions often require quick answers to keep the project moving forward.


While we provide detailed drawings to make sure everyone understands what to do, on site questions are to be expected. Let us handle that for you.

What are you design fees and is there a minimum fee?

We don’t beat around the bush when it comes to our design fees. We believe in transparency and providing a bespoke proposal for each unique project.
Our design fees are presented as a flat fee so you’ll know exactly what to expect upfront.
But let’s be real, good design isn’t cheap. Our minimum engagement fee for a project starts at £10,000. That may seem like a lot, but trust us, it’s worth it.

What if you want to add more sizzle to the steak or beef up the scope of work?

Our designers are like superheroes, always ready to save the day! If you need additional design services, just say the word and we’ll come to your rescue. We’ll charge you by the hour or give you a flat rate, depending on what you need. Don’t be shy, tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen!

Do you offer a payment plan?

Absolutely! We require a 50% deposit to secure your spot on our calendar, but don’t worry, the remaining payments are spread out like butter over the project timeline. If you need a customized payment plan, just say the word!

What currency are your prices in?

They’re in Pound sterling (£) or United Arab Emirates dirham AED (د.إ.). 

Do you offer discounts or free tests?

We don’t do discounts or free trials. Why? Because we’re not a discount brand, we’re a damn good consultancy. Sorry!

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