Commercial interior design

We specialise in connecting your brand identity with your customer experience. We design and produce innovative commercial spaces. Whether you’re looking to produce a single or a multi-store roll-out, we aim to meet our clients’ specifications and ensure the highest quality output.

Our approach

Celebration. Escapism. Social interaction. People go to bars for a variety of reasons. But the best bars are those that provide a transcendent backdrop; a space that is simply enjoyable to be in – whether it’s gritty and edgy or stylish and suave. Our depth of experience of the parameters and requirements of bar design results in imaginative interiors that complement your building, get people talking and encourage customers to return. The process encompasses everything from enticing shopfronts to underbar design that makes life simple for busy bar staff.

Attention to detail is crucial. We know which details to focus on.

We create imaginative, on-brand interiors that encourage customers to return.

Our process of creating a successful bar design combines competitor analysis and research on micro-trends with our unique knowledge of the hospitality sector. But most important of all is listening to your ambitions and working collaboratively with you to create a highly functional space that reflects your brand, your values and your audience.

Most projects start with the operational layout. We make sure we get this right before moving on to material palettes, signage strategies, lighting schemes and joinery. If you’re a new brand, before we do anything we start building a strong brand identity which includes naming, brand strategy, visualisation and narrowing down your audience.

Getting it right

Our ultimate goal is to work collaboratively with you to create a scheme that compliments the site and attracts your target audience. To make sure that’s exactly what happens we oversee everything from concept to completion. To bring your new bar to life, we work with a range of specialist suppliers and installers.

Maximum efficiency, minimum disruption.


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Our work

We craft customer connection. Across Brand Identity and Brand Experience, we create memorable moments for your customers to experience and share. We do this through Brand Identity and Development and Commercial Interior Design. We’ve worked with internationally renowned brands as well as fledgling businesses emerging in the marketplace, collaborating on a wide range of projects. Take a look at recent work below.

Latest Insights from the studio...

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