10 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need An Interior Designer

8 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need An Interior Designer

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When you think about designing your new business space, you probably imagine the endless list of decisions you will have to make.

What should you do first? 

How do you make sure that the space will maximise the return on your company’s investment?

How do you maximise the space to ensure that it is fully functional and will suit your business over time? 

The number of things to consider can take the enjoyment out of any design project. That’s where an interior designer comes in.

What does an interior designer do for you?

Interior designers help clients plan and execute projects ranging from small-scale renovations to large-scale building projects. 

They advise on all aspects, from the programme with the necessary areas and distribution of space to the creation of a concept specially conceived for your brand.  

Including the choice of colours and materials to the selection of furniture, joinery and accessories. Their expertise helps clients create functional spaces that reflect your brand values and help you attract and, more importantly, retain customers.

Gone are the days when you were expected to handle every project on your own. You can try…

But the result will probably fall short of the space’s full potential.

An interior designer is a valuable addition that will make your business’ design dreams come true. 

Reasons Why You Absolutely Need An Interior Designer.

Professional Assessment 

An interior designer provides you with a specialized professional assessment of your space’s current state, allowing you to build a well-researched plan of action. 

They will create an action plan based on your brand, your company’s values and your objectives. Having an accurate idea of the company’s positioning brings a lot of value to the space. 

From there, they will develop the design, researching competitors, and your target buyer persona, taking into account what your target market likes and at the same time evaluating the space to get the most out of it.

What is the main role of an interior designer?

Any design project involves many moving parts. From the conceptualisation of the initial design to the development of all the little details and technicalities.

An interior designer can be an invaluable asset in seeing your vision come to life, from that first spark of inspiration to mapping out your project in a 3D rendering, to detailing the design of the custom pieces in your space.

Hiring an interior designer to help you with your redesign – whether it’s a remodel or a new location. They can help you in many ways you may not expect, from the beginning of your concept to the entire project.

Interior designers use their training and experience in space planning and stylistic design to create the experience of the space. 

It’s not just about making a space look good, it’s also about making sure it works in a way that serves your business and allows your customer to fall in love with your brand.

Interior Designer

But… Do you really need an interior designer?

In short, if you like to get the most out of your business location, yes.

But if you’re not yet convinced of the value you can get from hiring an interior designer, read on.

1. Visualize it before committing to a design

Interior designers have the professional training, tools, and product connections to carry out your fit out or remodel exactly as you envision. After all, the most exciting part is seeing how everything turns out in the end, right?

They can assist you in visualizing your design by providing product samples, 3D renderings, and concept boards. Then, using the tools and guidance provided by the designers. You will be able see the design proposal with the designated plans and products beforehand, preventing you from being dissatisfied with the final outcome.

When you work with an interior designer from the Tanic Design team, you will receive detailed architectural plans and product lists in addition to 3D renderings and concept boards. This way, even your contractor will be able to see a thorough visualisation of the construction process.

2. Avoid costly errors

An interior designer can help you save money by assisting you in avoiding costly mistakes such as:

  • Purchasing an excessive amount of product
  • Purchasing insufficient quantities of a product (which could result in mismatched batches of product when purchased separately, such as tiles)
  • Purchasing the incorrect size product
  • Avoiding post-renovation regrets by making sure you like the redesign and the products before purchasing them.

One of the primary benefits of working with Tanic’s interior design team is that they can source and order products for you. You can relax knowing that you have all of the necessary sizes and parts for a smooth installation.

Furthermore, our Tanic design team is on hand to answer your questions and virtually assist you or your contractors throughout the entire project. This eliminates miscommunication and confusion between the intended design and the finished space.

3. Adhere to the budget

Although hiring an interior designer is an additional cost, it will save you money in the long run.

In most renovation projects, the budget is the most important consideration. Your budget for the construction, as well as your desired style and functionality, will guide the process.

An interior designer has the mission to work with the budget you have. They will use their creative mind to get the most for your money in a renovation with quality products.

4. Abundant resources

You might not have the resources that a designer does. They have a large network of contractors, furniture manufacturers, and other item distributors.

Interior designers will design or select products from stock at the lowest possible price. They can also handle the procurement and oversee the furniture manufacturer on your behalf.

Your interior designer can also handle unanticipated events.
Assume, for example, that a planned product is currently out of stock. Your designer will be able to find a replacement product that fits the concept, style, and budget and is in stock.

Reasons Why You Absolutely Need An Interior Designer.

5. Increase the value of your brand

Interior designers will not only assist you in staying within your budget, but they will also know what products, designs, and functionalities will increase the value of your business and impact the revenue it generates.

So, while it may appear that hiring a designer increases the cost of the fit-out project, they can save money in the long run.

Not only that, but they also know which designs will transition and sell well regardless of what becomes popular, allowing you to keep your business premises attractive for a long time.

6. Putting your brand first, or Brand-love, as we like to call it.

Because there are so many moving parts in a fit-out or refurbishment. An interior designer can help you streamline the process and relieve stress.

To begin, you may be unfamiliar with the best functional layout for your business. Sometimes it’s best to leave things in the hands of professionals.

Finding the right layout, furniture, or lighting to suit your brand while staying within your budget can be difficult.

An interior designer will always approach your fit-out with three things in mind: your brand, your vision, and your target customer.

Balancing all of these factors is part of the interior designer’s job to ensure that your new business works for you and helps you grow.

7. Handle complicated tasks and shorten timeframes.

Designing a business space is not everyone’s cup of tea. But more importantly, there are many things to consider for the productivity and efficiency of your business.

Design includes many complex procedures ranging from designing an efficient layout, preparing all the technical documentation required by the contractor, to selecting all the finishes.

Interior designers will take care of all these details and arrange all the necessary documentation for you. This will reduce your stress and you will get the best quality work in the shortest possible time.

In any project there are a lot of decisions to be made, coming up with the best design for every element of the space takes a lot of time and can leave you exhausted. It also takes up a lot of your time and gives you nothing in return.

Instead, you can hire an interior designer and comfortably oversee the process. Give them your input and sit back until everything is perfect and curated for you.

8. Unique and custom design

The designers at Tanic Design will take your intended style and design to help bring your business to life. Every client and business is different, and that is your superpower, we would like to build on that to create a design, especially for you that will help you position yourself in the marketplace.

Interior designers are well versed in different design styles, what is trendy and popular, and also what is timeless and classic. They always keep your goals and your company in mind. With this knowledge, they can help you create a bespoke space that will make your business thrive.

Whether you have a vision in mind or not, an interior designer will help you come up with unique ideas for your new shop.

You may have some ideas in mind, and an experienced designer may know how to achieve that same aesthetic while attracting your dream customer. Thinking outside the box is one of the specialities of Tanic’s designers.

The goal of Tanic Design’s interior designers is that you will absolutely love – and of course, your customers will absolutely love – the interior of your business.

9. Creating a fully functional space

The magic lies in the efficiency with which space is used. Interior designers can make your space more functional. In a business, the ability to make the most of the available space is very important as your ability to make money will largely depend on it.

Interior designers have the expertise to make the space fully functional and create space for all the functions your business needs without neglecting the aesthetic aspect.

10. Because a good interior designer will give you a higher return on investment

An amazing interior doesn’t happen by chance. You need a professional who will help you in the transformation process and turn your space into a work of art that will make your investment appreciate. Entrust the design of your business to an interior design company.

Talk to them about your design requirements, tell them what your dream home looks like, examine the draft design they have created and give them the green light to move forward.

An interior designer can transform your business. Choose the best interior designers and watch your business become an architectural and design marvel that leaves your clients itching to return.

How is working with an interior designer like?

We appreciate you asking! With an interior designer in charge of your project, the design process can move much more smoothly. The following is what you may anticipate from Tanic Design’s virtual interior design services, while we can’t speak for every designer’s method.

During your initial consultation with your interior designer, you will discuss your project goals, your vision for the space, your brand mission and vision and your budget. To give the designer a sense of the space, rough measurements and images of the current interior are obtained.

Through mood boards, sketches, 3D models, architectural blueprint designs, and product samples offered by the designer, you’ll be able to clearly see how the new design will seem in your space.

Once you are satisfied with the design proposal, the designer could help you find and order products in the right quantity and at the best prices, track product stocks, monitor shipments, and then communicate and coordinate with contractors and installers – even remotely – to achieve a seamless installation. They can ensure that no part is missing to complete your redesign.

So, should you hire an interior designer?

Well… You should NOT hire an interior designer if

You are undecided on the industry that your business will be in and haven’t settled upon an ideal client just yet. If you’re still trying to figure out who you want to serve and what you want to serve them with, don’t hire an interior designer. Take your time to mature your ideas first.

You also shouldn’t hire a designer if…

You are not ready to invest in your business. Truth be told, hiring a professional designer is simply a luxury that not everyone can afford. 

Definitely, you should not hire a designer if…

You think you can do it yourself. If you think you can do it yourself don’t waste your time exploring working with an interior designer. This seems like common sense, but believe me, I’ve seen it happen.

And finally, you also shouldn’t hire an interior designer if…

You have a lot of time on your hands and you like to be hands-on. Designing a space is a lot of work. But, if you are someone who has time and enjoys the idea of working on each detail and every detail, then the truth is that you don’t need an interior designer.

Before investing in hiring an interior designer, it is important to know exactly why you need one. Beyond facilitating the design process.

Reasons Why You Absolutely Need An Interior Designer.

But… If you want to make sure that it will help your business grow

While an interior designer isn’t necessary for every project, there are multiple benefits to having an interior designer to help, no matter what your business is. 

If you want to make a lasting impression with your commercial space, you need to hire an interior designer. 

The right professional will help you create an interior tailored to your business and help you stand out in today’s competitive market.

Saving money, reducing stress and enjoying the final design is just the beginning.

If you are completely new to creating new premises for your business, an interior designer will be especially useful to help you learn what is needed and streamline the process to make sure it is what you want.

If you want the assistance of an experienced interior designer to help take your remodel to the next level, you can bring your inspired vision to fruition with the help of Tanic Design by starting with a one-on-one consultation. We look forward to hearing about your redesign project!

The Tanic Design team brings decades of combined high-end design experience to help you bring your commercial premises to life. When you work with Tanic Interior Designers, you get:

  • Not just one designer, but our entire team working on your design.
  • Highly customised designs, not cookie-cutter, so you’ll love your remodel.
  • Virtual access, so no travel expenses are necessary, and it’s easy to contact your design team throughout your project.
  • Sourcing, ordering and shipping the exact stock products you need to achieve your vision with no missing parts and in time to complete your project.
  • Coordinating with contractors and suppliers to ensure installation goes smoothly.

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