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19 October, 2022



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Brand stories is one of the most powerful and vital means of communication. It speaks brand's value and authenticity and helps brands connect emotionally with their customers and prospects. When it comes to interior design and architecture, stories are told through narrative-driven designs such as layouts, decorations, furnishings, objects, and designs. Unlike Literature, in which stories are told through words and sentences. 

Brands  often use storytelling to connect to people emotionally and increase their brand love and customer engagement. Whatever your brand and intention, you need what people love to generate an emotional resonance with your audience, and this can be achieved through narrative-driven design and architecture.

Narrative-driven design and architecture will help captivate your audience and let them move with you in your brand journey. This article will show you the benefits and need for telling brand stories with interior design and architecture, how to use narrative-driven design to tell your brand stories and the best company you can trust with your interior design and architecture brand storytelling project.

Elements of brand storytelling with interior design and architecture

Interior design and architecture can help customers understand your brand better. These glamorous narrative-driven design visual processes integrate storytelling into design and architecture to allow customers to relate to your brand story and generate more positive feelings. Interior design and architecture comprise the following narrative-driven design elements:


Module comprises archetype and symbol. Archetype by interior design and architecture is like your brand's image embedded in your customers' minds. It helps build a deep familiarity with the audience and develop the brand's voice, marketing strategy, and advertisement campaign. It can also be a stepping stone to achieving your brand's commercial goals. To communicate your brand's archetype's meaning to your customers, you need a symbol that can be communicated aesthetically and appealingly through interior design and architecture.


Syntax element comprises allegories and metaphors. Metaphor involves using activities and objects which customers and prospects are familiar with to communicate what they are unfamiliar with. They get familiar with your brand through what they commonly see around in interior design and architecture. Using metaphors to tell your brand stories give your prospects instant knowledge about your brand. On the other hand, allegory deals with designs with larger complex ideas. By combining allegories and metaphors in your interior design and architecture, customers can clearly understand several aspects of your brand stories.


Story comprises plot and plot point. Plot point is often used in scriptwriting to level up a story's excitement. In brand storytelling in interior design and architecture, plot and plot points can be used to emotionally connect with brand lovers and prospects and establish a contract of understanding.


The last element of interior design and architecture is structure which comprises timeline. Timeline will help you bring your brand stories together through narratives and convey the ideas to your audience clearly and directly.

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Processes of telling brand stories with interior design and architecture

To tell your brand stories with interior design and architecture, there are certain processes to follow. The following highlights the processes:


The intention of your brand storytelling with interior design and architecture should be based on how to put a smile on your audience's face. Expert interior designers specialize in conveying brand stories with funny and attractive intentions. A brand story with an inviting intention will help you build a strong community around your brand.


Intuition sets interior design apart as an art instead of engineering. Interior designers are skilled in conveying brand stories emotionally through the combination of feelings, intuition, design concepts, and rational thinking to deliver compelling narratives.


Implementation is the final process of brand storytelling with interior design and architecture. It makes brand storytelling a dream come true. At this stage of brand storytelling, interior designers bring up ideas and implement those ideas through natural materials,  3D modeling, prototyping, sketches, colors, and arrangements, to have a stunning outcome.  

Benefits of storytelling with interior design and architecture

Using interior design and architecture to tell your brand stories will expose you to the following benefits:

Eliminate language barrier in communication with Brand Stories

Interior design and architecture will help you convey your brand stories to anyone who sees it, irrespective of their language. This is an international and standard way of getting your brand to people worldwide, even if you are unfamiliar with their language. This method can also help you generate more income by reaching more people.

Brand Stories will enhance mutual connection

Internal design and architecture help create mutual and emotional connections between your brand and customers/prospects. This will help your customers embark on a long-term journey with your brand.

Give concise and precise information

Through interior design and architecture, brand stories are conveyed concisely and precisely to people: It is a norm that people don't have time, and we always look for a quick way to know about things. With interior designs and architecture, you can communicate with your audience in a concise and precise way.

Brand Stories to help you achieve an aesthetic and pleasing result

Telling your brand stories with internal design and architecture is an aesthetic way of communicating with your brand lovers and prospects. This will make them love your brand more because you provide them with what they want.

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What is storytelling in interior design?

Brand storytelling is a way in which brands connect with their customers/prospects through ideas, designs, and architecture. This connection helps brands create awareness, enhance customer experience, build trust in a friendly, creative, and glamorous way, and ultimately drive more sales.

Interior design and architecture are the best attractive strategies to bring your brand stories to your audience. They involve using color palettes, arrangements, shapes, finishes, furniture, nature, drawings, paintings, and 3D layouts to shout out your business excellently.

Experts in interior design and architecture are specialized in bringing up different unique, creative, and eye-appealing narrative-driven designs to help businesses design their branded spaces and make them inviting, communicating, and spreading their brand love to customers.

Storytelling in interior design is undoubtedly a visually elegant way to build familiarity between your brand and customers. Different brands generate more income by telling their brand stories with interior design and architecture. With interior design and architecture, regulars will help spread your brand's expertise to others around the globe.

Final thoughts on Telling Brand Stories Thru Interior Design

Stories are wonderful as they captivate people's attention, which is why brands are trooping in to tell people their amazing stories. Telling your brand stories with interior design and architecture will help your brand maintain its balance between deep connection and aesthetics. You get more customers and prospects for your brand because you have what pairs with them emotionally.

At Tanic Design, we help brands strike a balance between functionality and appeal with interior design and architecture while telling their stories. We are specialized in listening to brands and helping them convey their purpose and products into aesthetic and glamorous views with interior design and architecture. We have specialized, trained experts who are always ready to work with you. Contact us today to help tell your brand stories to the world.  


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