Creating Memorable Guest Experience For Hotels

Tanic Design – Creating Memorable Guest Experience For Hotels

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The unique interior will greet guests as soon as they step into the hotel. This crucial moment will leave the first impression. The guests will process the atmosphere and details on an intuitive level, getting an idea on what to expect.

Being professionals in hospitality interior design, we highlight the importance of hotel design in providing the ultimate guest experience. The design shapes the visual experience, sets the mood, and provides a comfortable stay. 

In this post, we share the hotel guest experience best practices. Once you go through this post, you will understand how to pride yourself on the ultimate guest experience. 

How Does The Hotel Design Impact Guest Experience

The hotel design should be appealing and practical. However, the hospitality marketing strategies add a new perspective to the design. The hotel interior conveys emotions, connecting with the guests on a deeper level.

A thoughtful design will engage all senses, creating a story based on the visual elements. Based on this, they will use an intentional mix of elements to convey the desired feel. The guests will remember the feeling of the space, whether it is friendly, grandiose, or cosy.

We have already explained how interior design impacts the hotel experience in depth. To keep up with that post, click here

Hotel Interior Designs

Meeting The High Expectations

The modern customer has high expectations when it comes to the hotel experience. Providing quality and timely services is now considered the bare minimum. Instead, hotels will extend their unique selling point to provide a memorable guest experience. 

The hospitality market is constantly changing to cater to refined customer needs. For a long time, hotels have provided a consistent setting and a familiar guest experience. However, popular accommodation platforms such as Airbnb offer diversity regarding the guest experience. Hotels have adopted the same approach of providing unique experiences to meet the changing customer needs. 

Memorable Guest Experience For Travelers

Travellers are looking for a memorable experience when exploring new places. The hotel can reflect the area’s authenticity, providing customers with a glimpse of the local life. When the hotel captures the sense of the site, guests will have an authentic experience. 

Hotel operators can reflect the local life’s authentic features through design, food, and staff manners. Using photography or paintings that depict local themes is an excellent example of that. Or add historical elements specific to the area. 

Featuring the materials available in the environment is an excellent way to make the hotel feel connected to the environment. 

A good example of this is the biophilic design. This concept embraces the natural features contained in the environment, making the hotel feel closer to nature. 

The hotel design seamlessly blends into nature, offering an immersive guest experience. These also focus on sustainability as part of their values, aligned with conscious customers willing to pay more for brands that match their philosophy. 

Memorable Guest Experience For Travelers


When shaping the guest experience, hotel operators focus on convenience. Some will go a step forward and eliminate the standard check-in desk. Instead, the guests will be seated in the lobby area and approached by employees with tablets. 

Short-stay Guest Experience

The hospitality design trends highlight the importance of the short-stay guests that won’t use your accommodation services. Instead, they will visit your restaurant, bar, or pool to experience the unique atmosphere. 

With social media’s popularity, the need for engaging and unique content is growing. Therefore, Instagramers will look for picturesque locations to capture aesthetic photos to share with their followers. With this, hotels have become a destination for social media enthusiasts looking for unique backdrops for their photos. They will likely visit different hotels to experience their vibe and capture photos. 

With an Instagram-worthy hotel design, your business offers the ultimate guest experience. The appearance will amaze the guests, motivating how to snap photos to capture the moment. They won’t hesitate to share pictures on social media and share their remarkable experience. With this, the guests spread brand love and motivate others to visit your hotel to recreate the same experience. 

Many hotels will develop their own restaurant brand, available for guests and visitors to secure additional profits. Check the six steps to create a successful restaurant brand and cater to the changing customer needs. 

Hotel interior design

Coworking Areas

With the rising popularity of remote working, many decide to explore the world and become digital nomads. These customers wish to explore the location while still having the needed amenities to perform their work tasks. On the other hand, business travellers are no longer staying in their rooms to work. 

The updated concept of a coworking area gathers work and socialization into one. Instead of having a formal check-in lobby, you can turn the space into a comfortable lounge for working or reading a book. 

Therefore, hotels should provide a lounging area with high-speed WiFi to accommodate such customers. Or, some can go a step forward and have a specially dedicated space for working.

We would advise you to implement an open-layout coworking space with dedicated working stations equipped with office technology. Provide ergonomic and aesthetic office furniture with decorative accents that match your interior style. 

A hotel that has a coworking area with the needed amenities on its offer will become more desirable in the eyes of business travellers and digital nomads. 

Luxury Hotel Interior Design

Final Thoughts on Creating Memorable Guest Experience For Hotels

With the changing customer needs, hotel operators must focus on providing a memorable experience. The guest experience gathers pleasant ambience, comfort, and convenient amenities. A unique combination of these elements will set you apart from the competitors, creating a friendly setting that caters to your guest’s needs.

If you need help with your hotel design, contact us now. We are happy to assist you in providing the ultimate guest experience! 

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