Why is your coffee shop interior design important?

17 May, 2022

Coffee Shop Design


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Coffee shops aren't considered only a place where you can grab your much-needed caffeine dose. In today's society, the social aspect of drinking coffee is becoming more and more prominent.

Going to the coffee shop is more of an invitation for a pleasant conversation and escaping from the hectic rhythm instead of just sipping the coffee .  With this, the coffee shop design has changed. Instead of coffee consumption, the Interior Design for Coffee Shops is more about the social aspect.

Interior designers now face challenges other than just creating a functional space for serving coffee. The design concept includes an in-store experience that makes the customers want to stay more and come back.

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The importance of coffee shop interior design

The best coffee shop interior design fuses functionality and creates the ultimate experience for the customer. The physical space sets the mood using lighting, colours, materials, and sounds. The subconscious mind picks up these details, creating an image when fusing them. Interior designers will intentionally use a mix of these elements to achieve the desired mood and feel. 

Our expert team of designers know how to tap into the consumer's psychology and design a space catered to their needs. Therefore the Stylish Coffee Shop Interiors design is deliberately shaped to deliver the ultimate customer experience. The customer's feelings and behaviour depend on the layout, furnishings, colours, and details. The interior designer has the power to encourage certain behaviours that benefit your business. They can highlight the retail displays and enhance sales. Also, interior designers can make people feel comfortable and stay for a longer time.

Focus on the experience of your coffee shop

Providing the ultimate customer experience is crucial for your coffee shop design. At Tanic we work closely with you to develop the design concept that revolves around the customer. 

How do you envision your coffee shop? Maybe you want a peaceful and more intimate atmosphere, where people can work on their laptops or enjoy a good book. Or, you might want a lively coffee shop for socialization with dynamic energy. Or you might want to make people stay for longer by offering simple meals and calm atmosphere. 

If you wish to create a cosy and relaxed coffee shop where people will spend more time and order more, it is essential to use suitable elements. The colours, textures, materials, blend of light will intentionally shape the customer experience. Comfortable chairs, soothing colours, soothing music, and wooden details will motivate the customers to stay longer. When your coffee shop concept includes quick meals, to-go coffee, and takeaways, you focus on a short stay. Therefore, the design will consist of bold colours, a smaller seating area, and bar stools to encourage rapid table turnaround.

The importance of storefront in the interior design concept

Before the customer walks into your coffee shop, they will get the first impression just by seeing the storefront. The design should be appealing and tailored to your target customers, and the visibility of the signage to be considered. The exterior design should provide a glimpse of what to expect from the inside. Also, the illuminated windows should highlight the interior and its beauty, inviting potential customers to come in and enjoy. 

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The best coffee shop interior design minds the target audience

Every business is shaped according to a specific target audience. The Coffee Shop Interior Design Services needs to cater to your target customers, having their needs and preferences as a strong guideline.  Whether you have an idea of opening a cosy neighbourhood coffee shop, one at a university campus, or a coffee shop in an upscale district, the target audience will vary. 


The proper application of lighting will set the desired mood. It is one of the critical aspects of coffee shop's design that you shouldn't underestimate. Bright light creates a dynamic and friendly atmosphere, while subtle and dimmed lighting creates a more intimate ambience. However, keep in mind that too bright light can make the customer feel uncomfortable and distract them from the offerings. 


An adequately designed layout will set the desired atmosphere. A functional and convenient format is the designer's responsibility. The proper format should be intuitive, so the customers won't have to think twice or spend much time figuring it out. The product display, register, and say should be clearly defined in order not to cause confusion. 

A carefully developed floor plan will improve traffic flow and speed, which largely determine the customer's experience. For the ones that start coming into your shop for the first time, an imprecise layout can cause confusion. They won't know where to stand in line or where to add sugar and cream to their coffee. Even the tiniest flaw in the coffee shop design can influence the customer experience and affect their first impression. Also, the layout needs to provide a fast service, especially during peak hours when customers are more likely to get frustrated. 

Considering the staff's needs and workflow is another essential aspect. An efficient layout will cut down extra steps and provide a faster service. Your customers will be happy to receive their order within a short time, but it also will make the employee's job more straightforward. The equipment needs to be positioned appropriately to cut down extra steps while preventing the employees from disrupting each other's work.  More details can be found in our practical guide to interior design standards for coffee shops.

Final thoughts on the importance of coffee shop interior design

Understanding the importance of coffee shop interior design is crucial when shaping your business. We at Tanic Design are dedicated to conveying the desired mood into the space. We shape the customer's experience in your favour through the use of form, furnishings, materials, and details. Contact us now and let us take care of the best coffee shop design that attracts customers, promotes brand love, and delivers the ultimate experience!


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