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As the customer’s needs change, the concept of a gym is evolving. As with every other business, the design focuses on providing the ultimate member experience. The modern idea of a gym expands to well-being, social aspect, and tailored service. 

Gym owners will face various challenges when developing the design concept. The space needs to be welcoming and create a dynamic environment that will motivate the member to do better. 

Being professionals in the commercial interior design industry, we have the best gym tips to share with you. Once you go through them, you will know which elements create a high-end gym.

How can I make my gym unique?

A gym is no longer considered a space for working out. You can expand the concept and focus on the well-being aspect. A high-end gym can include a spa facility with saunas and a pool.

A unique gym should provide extra privileges for its members. Think about the amenities that your members won’t be able to get anywhere else. 

A bar with healthy snacks and protein shakes would be an ideal addition to a gym. Some businesses will even go a step forward and provide on-site childcare services. This service is perfect if your target group consists of parents, offering them convenience. 

Colorful Corridor

What makes a high-end gym?

A high-end gym offers the best amenities and an appealing visual experience. However, these aren’t the only traits of a unique gym. Combining workout experience that resonates with the member’s interests and fitness trends makes a huge difference in shaping your business. 

The gym design was once purely considered as a space that hosts the needed equipment. However, the idea of a gym has evolved, catering to the customer and their particular needs. Nowadays, a gym is also considered a space for socialization. 

In the era of video content, when everyone can work out at home, a gym is seen as a place for meeting new people. Gym owners need to provide a social area where the members can gather and socialize with like-minded individuals. A space designed to nurture human connection will attract more customers. Organizing group training and events is another way to build a sense of community. 

What makes a perfect gym?

The perfect gym is a space that gathers a community of like-minded individuals, availability of personalized workouts, and a distinctive member experience. 

The gym should aid the fitness program of the individuals and motivate them, providing a customized experience at the same time. Friendly and helpful staff will make the best impression. Since the gym members are regulars, referring to them by their name will make them feel valued as a customer. 

A unique gym features a design that minds functionality and aesthetics. The gym design trends constantly change, so you must alter the design to fit the customer’s needs. 

A cohesive gym plan with optimal traffic flow will enhance the workout experience. Each type of exercise should have a designated area. In addition, the equipment needs to be spaced to provide privacy for each member. 

Gym interior Design

How do you design an interior gym?

The gym interior should concentrate on providing the ultimate member experience, gathering aesthetics and functionality in one. It should offer a dynamic environment, extra amenities, and equipment for any fitness level. 

Gym design aesthetics

To make the gym experience more pleasant for the members, you must create a visually appealing environment that resonates with your brand. Adding stylish mirrors will make the space appear visually larger and allow members to correct their posture. On the other hand, they make it easier for Instagrammers to snap a few gym selfies. Modern light fixtures will add the wow element to your space, while recessed lighting sets the mood. 

Maximize floor space

A high-end gym provides plenty of personal space for the members. Don’t overcrowd the gym with equipment, as this helps achieve the roomy feel that many individuals feel comfortable in. Use multi-functional equipment to offer various exercise options while keeping the layout optimal. 


When choosing gym equipment, it is essential to consider the difference in fitness levels. You need to provide workout equipment to suit beginners and intermediate fitness levels. This means you can offer various options for cardio, such as stationary bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, and stair climbers. One of the gym design trends is to customize the machines to your brand colors.

Functional gym tools are another one of the gym design trends. Having designated space for sandbags, core bags, tires, and other tools will provide additional exercise options for any fitness level.

Optimal layout

A good layout should separate the space into zones for specific activities. For example, you can have a cardio area and separate ones for strength workouts. A professional consultant will guide you for the best results. 

Each zone should contain various options for workouts. Your interior designer will create a 3D render to envision your concept. During this step, you will see how the space is visually separated into zones that feel connected. 


When designing a unique gym, business owners face many challenges. Despite minding the functionality and aesthetics, they must ensure the interior conveys your brand identity. Using your brand colours and logo through the space brings your brand’s core values. 

Mind the target customers when preparing your gym design

Every business is designed to cater to a specific target audience. It would help if you were guided by your target demographic when creating a unique gym. Consider their needs and interests when shaping the gym zones and choosing the equipment. 

Gym design aesthetics

Final thoughts on gym design for the ultimate member experience

High-end gym design revolves around the member and their specific needs while providing the best visual experience. The gym design trends are prone to changes, so business owners should redesign and renovate their facilities to meet them. 

Whether you need to create a new brand or redesign your existing gym, the experienced professional at Tanic Design will assist you. Contact us now, and we will be happy to create a gym concept that resonates with your brand!

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