6 Color Palettes to Make Your Coffee Shop Stand Out in 2024

28 October, 2021

If you look for tips and tricks on how to design your coffee shop, you have probably come across the variety of terms such as color palette, mood boards, textures, materials, lighting etc. It must be hectic to think about all these things at the same time, and yet you’re aware that each style might have its own guidelines. You want to offer an extraordinary experience to your customers and this includes following some global trends in the interior design world.

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Interior Design Trends


Color choice is a good starting point in every design process.

For example, each year Pantone and other color-related companies release lists of colors that are about to be trending in the upcoming year. In a way, those colors make their path to be used in fashion industry, graphic design, interior design and many other fields.

We did research on those lists and combined it with our expertise. Although these are predictions for 2024 trends, we want you to have a first-class design for years to come. That’s why we carefully choose options that are chic now and will stay attractive even in the future.

You don’t have to follow all rules strictly to be on top of the game. Think about what your ideal customer expects from his/her favorite coffee shop- is it a space where they meetup with friends, is it a place where they find high quality coffee, or an environment where they simply come to work while sipping from a cup of hot beverage.

Don’t forget it- coffee shop is not just place for drinking coffee, it’s more of an experience. It’s up to you to choose what kind of experience you want to offer.

Color phycology.

It is widely known that colors affect our mood and can play huge role in changing someone’s mood or behavior. Maybe you want to think about your brand’s values and the type of people you want to attract. Maybe the part of town where your coffee shop is located should play major role for choosing color palette? What kind of people would pass by your newly designed coffee shop? What kind of customers do you want to attract? Ask yourself who your ideal customer would be and then design space for that person.

Some of these colors are already established in the industry, and some are yet to be discovered. Here are 6 color trends to follow if you plan to open or design a coffee shop in 2024.


1. Charcoal black a great option for coffee shop color

Let’s start with the most dramatic one. This strong color absorbs light and makes perfect setting for places with industrial style. It goes well with accent colors, as they make contrast. If it’s used in furniture or surfaces that are polished, it gives luxurious feel. On the other hand, if you want to go with more of a rustic vibe, go for matte or textured surfaces with this color.

Using charcoal black deepens and give character to the space.

Be careful not to over-use it, as it’s not suitable for small spaces or a room with low amounts of natural light. Used in moderation, it gives feeling of protectiveness and safety.

2. Cascade indigo, youthful and relaxing

Can you think of a better color that says it’s time to relax and enjoy the moment? This blue green is such youthful color; thus, we think it’s perfect for kids' friendly environment.

With cascade indigo your coffee shop will brighten up.

Feel free to combine it as an accent color with whiteish tones for health-oriented coffee shop (if your coffee shop sells smoothies for example), or with some dark brown and black background as a splash of cheerful energy.

Pantone described this color “connected to cleansing water, cools, refreshes” and we couldn’t agree more. Due to its watery hue, it gives that summertime feeling of peace, freshness and makes you want to chill and lay back beside the pool, sea or waterfall.

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3. Coffee Quartz for a trendy Coffee shop color

The name says it all! This is no mistake shade for coffee shop of any kind. Pantone included this color into their Color Trend report for spring/summer 2024, and obviously it's perfect choice for spaces where people should feel cozy and, of course, drink a cup of coffee. Some wood species are naturally this color, but it can also be achieved by staining the wood.

There is this psychological influence of colors, so when your eyes see certain color, your brain wires it to a certain food, scent or person. As it’s the same color as the drink you serve, this dark brown in the interior will certainly make your customers want to order a cup of hot coffee. And that’s even before they have tried very first sip of it. Isn’t a human subconsciousness interesting thing?

The smell of coffee and warm interior tones - who can resist not to take a sip.

Even if your coffee shop follows minimal design, a touch of this color brings a big difference. Coffee Quartz really warms up the spaces with cold or neutral colors. Due to its organic, natural look, the space with coffee-colored details is not cold looking anymore, now it looks elegant and sophisticated.

4. Coral rose the perfect choice for lively and vintage style

There is something in this tone that brings ‘70 vintage style in the room. This vivid color will certainly bring joy to your coffee shop interior.

Cozy feeling with coral rose and autumn.

It evokes that “welcome home” feeling. This is no surprise, since some bricks are naturally this color. In our mind we connect bricks with old school houses with brick facades, and that’s why this color has vintage vibe to it.

It’s no new thing that warm tones induce hunger. Make sure to include coral rose as it’s so good option if you sell snacks or pastry along with coffee.

Coral rose is playful, feminine and encourages movement and action, so make sure to include it if your brand stands for these things.

Use it as an accessory item color- for example decorative flowers or pillows and cushions on a seating bench or chairs.

Unleash your brand's true potential with our epic design narrative.

5. Pearl gray, an elegant coffee shop color choice

When such subtle and classy tone is dominant in the interior of a coffee shop, it leaves enough attention for other senses to be pleasured. Once your brain understands that you are surrounded by minimal, calm design, your nose and taste buds are more likely to appreciate the smell and richness of a high-quality coffee.

Pearl grey will create a great canvas, a relaxed experience for coffee lovers.

If you plan to open a coffee shop that serves as a local coworking space, use pearl gray in combination with some dark blue color. Such environment creates calm and confident environment with no distractions- perfect if you want to write that email or finish similar work-related task on your laptop or mobile phone.

Depending on the light it can look anything between gray and white. On a daylight pearl gray might look white as it reflects sunlight. In the night, with good artificial lighting it can create interesting velvety textures on walls or other matte areas.

If the surface is polished, reflectiveness is even higher and it will give away a hue of the other objects from the interior or exterior.

6. Avocado green, to create an Instagrameable coffee shop

Needless to explain, green plants and thus green colors produce calming and peaceful atmosphere in the interior. No wonder why medical facilities tend to use it to soothe and relax patients. It is proved to reduce the stress, and what’s better reason to use it in your coffee shop interior than that?!

As you can imagine avocado green goes well with other natural colors and materials, especially wood. If your coffee shop brand is all about health, sustainability and protecting environment, avocado green is a must. If your coffee shop is situated in the busy city center, you can imagine how your coffee shop looks like a Zen Garden among all those noisy streets.

Pale version goes well on accent walls, as background. Even our Instagram account loves it.

As a pleasant pastel color, it will surely refresh the space and bring a positive energy in each corner.

In conclusion; what's the trend in Coffee shop colors?

No matter if you go for a minimal design, vintage classics, or any other style of your choice, make sure it goes hand in hand with the philosophy of your business. Stick to your brand, and choose accordingly. Think about what feeling you have about certain colors and materials. Learn from experts in this field. Ask professionals to help you navigate your brand’s values into the interior of your coffee shop.

When you go to a coffee shop for a chat with friends or to work on your laptop- think about the atmosphere in the interior and how does the color palette affect it. If your brand attracts young people, you would probably need contemporary interior with vibrant color palette. If you and your customers value environmental causes, you should add earthy tones and greens along with recycled or reclaimed materials or furniture. Also, don’t forget that lighting would change certain colors and the way you want to switch the atmosphere from daytime to nighttime working hours. Take a look to our latest coffee shop project in Abu Dhabi.

Your brand speaks through your actions, and color choice an important one to make. The color itself is just a tool to express emotion, statement or value. How you combine them and the way you deliver is what makes the lifelong customers and successful business.

Trends are just guidelines on how to design spaces. What is timeless is the combination of emotions and experiences that will make people come back to enjoy your coffee and atmosphere for a long time.

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