6 Professional Tips For Boosting Productivity With Office Design

14 February, 2022

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What makes a good office design that boosts your employee's productivity? In this post, we share professional tips based on our extensive experience in commercial interior design. Once you go through it, you will understand how office design affects productivity. Consequently, you will develop an office design that aligns with your business goals. 

Ergonomic Office Furniture

Ergonomic furniture is specially developed to align comfortably with the human body and prevent discomfort from long hours of sitting. Your employees will spend one-third of their day at the office, so you need to provide the utmost comfort for them. 

The proper furniture design will provide support for the neck, back, and arms, providing maximum comfort and preventing pain. An ergonomic chair follows the spine's curve while providing support for the neck. The design prevents slouching, therefore reducing the stress on the spine. 

The desk choice will make a huge difference too. It should be large enough to accommodate the computer, phone, papers, and other working essentials included in the process. If the work process includes only a laptop, you can get smaller desks but make sure to get the proper height for maximum comfort. 

Don't forget that standing desks are trending in office design. This innovative piece will ensure a good posture, prevent pain, and help employees restore their energy. 

Yet, a standing desk might not be appropriate for every work task. This model will be ideal for making calls, sending emails, or attending a video call. However, the design won't be comfortable for writing, researching, or designing. To solve this, you can provide an adjustable desk so that your employees will alter between a traditional and a standing desk to feel comfortable. 

From our extensive experience in commercial interior design, we found out that a "hot table" setup works perfectly for offices. This concept allows employees movement around the office and flexibility to choose if they wish to perform some tasks standing. This allows the employees to move and decide how they like to work, improving their focus and preventing back issues resulting from long sitting hours. 

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Right Color Choice

Business owners should be aware that colors affect people's mood. Therefore, coming up with an office design for productivity requires the implementation of specific colors that create the desired mood

White looks too sterile, so it might make people feel unwelcome. Red increases the feeling of urgency, so it will likely increase stress levels. 

Which colors to consider when creating an office design for productivity?

Off-white is a neutral color choice that doesn't have a sterile look but still makes the space feel airy and bright. 

Teal is a deep blue-green color that will help employees stay focused and stimulate their brains. It is an excellent choice for lawyer offices and accountants.

Yellow is known for its power to stimulate emotions. This color promotes happiness and gets the creative juices flowing. However, yellow might be a jarring color choice if you don't use it properly. Opt for yellow accents or pastel yellow tones for a calm working space that promotes contentment.

Purple symbolizes femininity, spirituality, and power. This color is an excellent choice for businesses that cater to women or ones in the wellness industry.

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Provide Ample Storage Space

A cluttered working space will have a negative effect on employees' productivity. An untidy office will increase the stress levels and make them feel anxious. And let's not forget that chaotic space isn't the best representation of your brand image. 

Working in a cluttered environment will decrease efficiency, so business owners need to come up with solutions for a chaotic office. The first step of the process is to declutter the working environment. Only keep the things that are essential for the work process. 

Provide enough storage space for every employee to organize their work essentials and personal items. If you have lots of paper-based clutter, you can digitize the documents. You can also conceal the devices such as printers in a cabinet to keep the office pristine and orderly.

Conceal The Clutter

When businesses rely on technology to operate, cords will make the space look messy and chaotic. Having phones, computers, printers, and headphones within one area will result in cord clutter.

Wireless devices such as a printer and a mouse will decrease the cord clutter, providing a tidy environment without any distractions that keep the focus away from the working process.

Another helpful tip is to conceal the visible cables under the desk using cord organizers. This trick won't only keep them neat but also make them easy to access and identify by the tech team in case of malfunction.

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Divide The Space Into Zones

An open office layout will increase communication and build trust among the employees. Still, make sure to design a convenient layout that doesn't disrupt the traffic flow. 

To allow maximum efficiency, you should divide the space into zones. You don't have to build walls to create separate working areas. Take advantage of the furniture layout to separate the meeting room visually from the rest of the space. Or you can add room dividers to provide a more intimate and calm spot away from the distractions. This rest area will provide a convenient place for relaxation and restoring energy while accessing amenities such as coffee and snacks. 

Proper Lighting

It is important to understand all aspects of how office design affects employees. Lighting is a crucial factor, and if not conducted properly, it will cause eyestrain and result in headaches and discomfort.  We would highly recommend performing a lux calculation to implement suitable lighting in the workspaces and meeting spaces.

Natural light will elevate the mood and provide the body with Vitamin D. It would be best if you opted for ambient lighting with a warm tone in the informal spaces, such as the meeting areas, break room, hot tables, to promote a sense of comfort. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you need office design for hybrid working or prefer a traditional approach, understanding your employee's needs is a crucial step of the process. The office design should provide the utmost comfort, reducing stress and boosting productivity. 

If you struggle with your office design, let us take care of the tedious tasks for you. The professionals at Tanic Design will create the perfect office that enhances efficiency and reflects your brand image. Contact us now, and we will be more than happy to assist you! 


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